Rocking a Satin Dress in broad Daylight I YouTube Channel Launch

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As some of you may know, I launched my YouTube Channel on the 2nd of December 2017. Because I am so extra, I held a high tea event with some of the Bloggers and YouTubers that I find easy going. My best friend wouldn’t let me do this by myself so she was also there despite that she neither blogs nor YouTubes. Talk about support! (She is the bestie all of you need)

Over the years I have had a “safe” sense of style but of late I can see myself blooming into a risky, non-trend following but still minimalistic, elegant dresser. That was exactly what I looked for in my outfit for my YouTube Launch Event.

The Outfit

The daring satin dress was delivered from Naledi (check her out on Instagram). The thought of wearing satin in broad daylight seems crazy to most but the stylist in me wasn’t about to conform. Back details on garments are my weakness. The waist-high slit on this dress was a bonus! Plunging neckline! I loved this dress.

Those who know me to be conservative were shocked by the plunging neckline but what do you know??? This conservative Queen loves the low necklines, the low backs, the thigh-high slits incorporated into elegant garments. As long as it does not give off trashy vibes, I am all for it!

Had this been a body-hugging dress with a high slit, open back and a plunging neckline the whole look would have been different.

Minimal midi rings, earrings and necklace are from Lovisa and the heels from Legit.

I had my Beyonce walk on point!


Back detail is a must no matter how elegant the look.


The Event

The color scheme for the day was white, nude and millennial pink. The bunch of Bloggers and YouTubers in attendance certainly delivered. I will let the pictures do their thing.

Vongai and Chantele
They had to watch my first YouTube video and man was I nervous. So much that I was being silly. while they watched. lol

Zanele and her sister.


Vongai and Grace
The bestie – Rufaro. She was allowed to wear what she wants.

More pics and a video will be shared on my YouTube Channel.

If you haven’t watched the first video yet, I got you…

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Do let me know what you would like to see more of on the channel. How often should I YouTube?

Photography: @pixelatemedia

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