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Hi darlings,

This post has taken way too long but I am finally ready to let y’all see these looks.

Three days into July already, hope I am not too late in wishing you a wonderful July. We still have a whole six months to go so if you have goals you still haven’t reached, do not be weary, the next six months could still be holding your goals and a couple of miracles.

I decided to do my first lookbook based on my personal style which I hope will help you figure out your own style. While I styled the looks,  I collaborated with a very talented photographer with years of experience to bring you these looks. Sean really has a lot of experience and professionalism that shows in these photos.

With this collaboration, I wanted to show off my fashion sense and how we can all be “different” people in different types of clothing. This is not to say that, we have multi personalities but the way we dress has a bearing on how the world perceives us. And if you remember, in this post I talked about how the way you dress is how you introduce yourself to the world. With that in mind, all should know that different types of clothes are to be worn to different types of events/occassions.


This is a work appropriate look and definitely, gives off the stylish vibe. You can take clients out for lunch meetings in this outfit.
The buttoned-down plaid coat gives off a vintage-ish stylish look to an all black outfit that could have easily been boring.
Girls night out. HELLOOOOO. Showing curves, some edge and a whole lot of leg.
This look gives me life. I really think I could rock this on a daily basis. That cardigan is super comfortable. The bodycon dress fits just right. The whole outfit is overloaded with comfort. If you are in the fashion industry this is a look you can rock to the office. If you are in a different field this may not be professional enough for the office so you may want to keep it for casual Fridays or Saturday brunch.
This outfit was inspired by Gabrielle Union (my obsession is serious). The simpleness is what makes the outfit. Putting together a few simple, bold colors gives that well put together look.
As bloggers, we always have to set aside some time to ourselves to catch up on comments, source inspiration, respond to emails and plan our lives. While most prefer doing this in the comfort of their bedrooms or offices I like being in an open space, sipping on a cup of coffee or tea in comfortable clothing. This outfit offers the comfort while staying true to my minimalist style.
I guess, once in a while I can bring out the sweetness in me.
Pretty comfortable outfit when traveling. A comfortable jersey is a staple in my wardrobe. They are especially handy when traveling. Mixing different textures and colors that you wouldn’t normally pair together really creates dimension and gives life to your look.

So now I can put it down in my books that I have done my first lookbook Yipee!

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

What I am wearing

Look #1

Red Plaid Coat: Mr P

Black Dress: Legit

Booties: Mr P

Handbag: Thrifted

Look #2

Knitted Dress: Legit

Booties: Mr P

Clutch: Thrifted

Look #3

Dress: Legit

Cardigan: Mr P

Handbag: Spree(gifted)

Look #4

T-shirt: Cotton On

Leggings: Cotton On

Snood: Cotton On

Jacket: Harare shop

Boots: Solo

Look #5

Jersey: Mr P

Leggings: Cotton On

Earring: Lovisa

Boots: Solo


Love & Light



4 thoughts on “Winter | Lookbook”

  1. You are absolutely stunning! The outfits are all so beautiful and, although I don’t think that I would look half as great in a bodycon dress, the addition of a cardigan to the dress makes it look so comfortable. Perhaps it’s time for me to get out my oversized-knitted-jumper-and-black-leggings phase… x

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