What’s in my mini bag

Hey guys,

It’s been a few days since my last post and it feels like forever. I never saw myself getting “addicted” to my blog but I certainly am now and I do not regret it at all 🙂 This is one thing I love with all my heart and I am glad and I feel favoured to be actually doing something I genuinely love and enjoy. I hope you are all good and have enjoyed your weekend. You must now be relaxed with your smart phone, tablet or laptop reading this post and all the others before this one, getting fashionably fueled for the coming week.

So the #shoeseries came to an end and we have a winner but I am going to keep in suspense for a few more days. I will announce the winner on Tuesday the 28th of February. March is going to have another giveaway series (I might just make this a monthly thing hey) and I have some really good news to share with y’all on the 28th so you better be ready to share my excitement.

Today I though I would give you a little peek into my bag. Well my little sling bag. I normally carry around hand bags big enough to fit my whole life like I shared here. But once in a while you will find me with a cross body sling bag. The transition from carrying my whole life with me is a difficult one but I think I have now mastered the art of carrying just what is NEEDED. I hope this will help you too.

What is inside?

Everything is the miniature version of what I usually carry around.

Sunglasses (Mr Price): I never used to wear shades until I lived in Johannesburg. When the sun is out here, the shades gotta come out and anyway there is something about a pair of shades that always adds style to my outfits.

Lipstick (Flori Roberts), lip liner (Essence) and lip gloss (Maybelline): Guaranteed, every time I leave the house I will eat, drink and the likes so I am always prepared to touch up my lips. Sometimes I plan my outfits based on my lippie so if I don’t carry it with me, when it fades off my mood will definitely change and I won’t be any fun. Petty, I know ha ha.

Hand Lotion (Versace): Nope, I did not go out and buy a Versace hand lotion. I cannot afford Versace products yet, if I could I would have bought myself something like a handbag or shoes. I got this lotion as a tester and I am loving it. The scent is divine but that isn’t the reason I carry it around. Smelling good is a must and a plus for anybody but I carry this little lotion around because I despise ashy looking hands so I always keep my hands moisturized and always ready to hand it out to anybody whose hands need deliverance. Lol

Perfume (Yardley Lace): This was gifted to me a year ago as part of a gift set and I have never used it. I carry it just in case. I don’t even know in case of what because the fragrance I am using lasts all day and you can read all about it here.

Wet wipes: Well guys, I love food. Like I said, every time I leave the house I eat something (food lol) somewhere so this is just in case I end up in Mac Donald’s and not a fancy restaurant where they give you wet wipes . Those hands have to be clean before I indulge.

Bank card and rewards store cards: Food and shopping are a guarantee each time I step out of the house. And my rewards cards come in handy when I use all the points I get for spending . Lol. It’s like getting a present though it really isn’t.

These are the things I carry around and consider to be useful when I have to downsize my bag. There are things like tampons and panty liners that I did not include in the pictures simply because I didn’t know how all my readers would take it but yea, that’s about all I take around with me.

What do you carry in your mini bags? Do you even carry a mini bag or you are hooked on the big handbag trend?

Love and Light.



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