A celebration of growth and wisdom with just a handful of friends gave me so much joy and happiness than I have ever experienced in my life.

27 isn’t really celebrated as much as people celebrate their 21st or 30th birthday … so I thought. I was never ready. I hadn’t planned on doing anything majorly special but the things God does! I am amazed. I did deserve the good memories to flush out all the disappointment, anger and hurt that I had been served by this life.

As much as the day turned out perfect, It hadn’t started that way. I was in no mood to see anyone that morning. I had taken a day off work but I still had to go in and work on my new website. Being the fashion lover I am, for some reason I wasn’t compelled to look glam on my special day but the face had a subtle beat!

While I waited for my friend to finish work so that we could embark on an evening of fun I contemplated on canceling the whole evening so I could go home and curl up in my bed while watching Bridget Jones Baby. The more I entertained the thought the later and later it got for me to call it off and before I knew it she was out of work and it was at that time my whole mood switched up.

Face beat touch ups, freshening up and being the girls we are, we had music playing in the bathroom, hyping ourselves and it was then my whole being appreciated just how my friends had decided to take time in their busy lives to spend a few hours with me.

There is always that one person we all wish we could spend our special moments with but on this particular day, I learnt to live. To just be. To appreciate everyone else around me and to put me first. No thoughts of another, It was all about me!

By the time my uber showed up, my mood was the total opposite of how I felt when I had walked out of the house that morning. Headed for San Deck, I was ready to take in the evening and let loose and let go.

A little sun, cocktails and a view overlooking the breathtaking beautiful architecture of Sandton in the company of my friend, Faith and a little sister from another mother, Esther. I wouldn’t have traded this for anything. Later on joined by my long lost good friend, Paul who recently moved here and his cousin. I had the best time of my life!

As if the amazing conversations, the beautiful meal and their craziness wasn’t enough, they got someone to play happy birthday to me on a saxophone. All this for little old me 🙂

What more could anyone ask for really? Honestly?

From the class and elegance of Sandton to the ratchetness of Soweto later in the night. Mann, was life had? Or was life had??

Those who couldn’t be there with me spent the day sending messages but those who really felt bad for not being able to show up surprised me with a phone call, wishing me a happy birthday live on air on My Station, Your station.

All in all my birthday was special because of all the people that helped me celebrate, all we had was genuine conversations, unfiltered fun and no-one had to spend a fortune to make me feel special.

Trust me I care about money. I love money. I work for money but it is not the center of my life. It should not be the center of anyone’s life. A call on radio, A saxophone player, reasonably priced meal and a couple of cocktails is all it took to make my birthday the most unforgettable one.

They say a picture can tell you more than words can. Well scroll on and see for yourself.







Stay Fab and Flawless




    1. Heyy,
      WOW, so this friend of mine just commented on my blog for the first time 🙂 he he he
      You made this day rock bra! mcwaaaah

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