Unapologetically Myself

Have you ever ill-pronounced a word and they look at you with disbelief, disgust and disapproval?

Apparently pretty girls can’t do that.

In which book of the bible do we find this scripture?I wonder.

They say you are too beautiful to laugh that loud!

Since when is beauty not allowed to express itself? Honey I’m African and i embrace my loudness. I will not tame my laughter. Not for you or your ancestors.

Why do people feel the need to define “pretty girls?”

Who says this one is pretty and this one is not?

As far as i know we are all fearfully n wonderfully made in the eyes of our creator.

Stop with these unrealistic expectations.

Stop judging me based on how I look on your personal scale from 1 to 10.

The way my tongue rolls, the way I look, the places I go, the area I live in has nothing to do with how I look.

Fat/thin, dark/light,  tall/short we are all beautiful and pretty in our own ways.

You gorgeous/beautiful/pretty/thick/slender woman know your worth. Do not conform to the expectations of the world based on how they label you.

Be yourself. Be you. Just be!

Unapologetically Vanessa Nyasha Chilimanzi (inserts pout)

Stay Fab and Flawless @mis_nessah


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