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I could totally leave this post at wow because my whole being was WOWed all weekend long in Zimbali.

I am so not a travel blogger neither have I been one to enjoy traveling but I think as I get older a lot of things about me are changing. This is my first travel blog post and I hope you will like it. I decided to do this post because some people following my Instagram where dying of FOMO from all the pictures I have been posting lately so I thought I might as well do a post. After reading, do let me know if you would like to read more of these each time I travel.


It was my first time in Durban and I think I would love to go and live there forever. I didn’t know what to expect when we set off on Thursday night. All I knew was that we were going to stay at the Zimbali Coastal Resort. No one told me I would be waking up to some South African Tiger Woods playing golf in the backyard with the ocean as our backdrop. You can imagine how amazed I was when I actually got up in the morning and opened my curtains. The view was as breathtaking and worth a gaze as the whole weekend.

For those who have never been to Zimbali or KwaZulu-Natal in general, I hope this post will make you want to visit.

We only had two days so we didn’t get up to much but here are some of the things I did and loved about my two-day stay.

The food

Anyone who has heard of Durban certainly knows that it is known for its curry food as a result of the abundance of Indians that live there – Trevor Noah never lied. You will find every kind of Indian in Durban. If you don’t know about this, watch some of Trevor Noah’s shows. Unfortunately, we never got to try it but we were traveling and living with someone who is originally from there and is Indian, so we still got the treat. We had a curry chicken meal on our last night there. Everyone really enjoyed it but my intolerant tummy wouldn’t have it. How boring?!

I, however, did have some “Durban” food. I had a chicken burger and chips at this little cute beach shop. With a few outside benches and tables, this place lured all races and ages. Their meals are served on metal plates. That was nostalgic. the last time I had seen a metal plate was in my granma’s house yearrrrrrs ago.

South Beach

The “famous” beach. Okay, it’s only famous during the December holidays. Y’all know I had to set my eyes on it  – FOMO. Though we were on our way to do other things, we took a walk while my eyes feasted on the Durbanites’ fashion sense which isn’t too different from what I am accustomed to in Johannesburg. However, unlike Johannesburg, they have the beaches so expect some skin…okay, a lot of skin everywhere.

The Weather

We all could use some summer in the middle of winter.

Everyone in South Africa talks about how there is barely winter in KwaZulu Natal. I could not wait to experience this summery winter even though at the back of my mind I was doubtful, so I packed cautiously. A few skin-baring clothes and some of my winter clothes perfect for Johannesburg weather.

From the night we arrived, we dressed just like the Durbanites. Needless to say, I regretted taking some winter clothes with me. We fitted in perfectly well in summer clothes. Skin everywhere! lol. It was really warm and we managed to have a lot of outside moments. I am sure this is the best weather I have ever experienced in South Africa. I have lived in Cape Town and winter there is unbearable. here in Johannesburg, it’s pretty cold minus the Cape Town wind and rain. I could (totally) live in Durban for that all year summer experience.


When directly translated, Eyadini is “at the yard.” This is where all the turn up happens y’all! I am not much of a turn-up person but hmmm, it goes down at Eyadini. The place is located in an unlikely ghetto place which attracts a lot of tourists. Most of the people go there to watch a character called, Zodwa Wabantu. She apparently frequents the spot and always leaves the crowd amazed by her dance moves. Unfortunate for us, on the day we went she was in the crowd, not dancing but the vibe got us going all night long.Quite a number of well-known DJs around South Africa are said to be found here almost every weekend as well. If this is your type of vibe, you would really enjoy yourself. It’s not my usual type of turn up but I enjoyed it, I am sure you will as well.

Zimbali Coastal Resort

This is where we were staying. I had never seen such beauty in my life. The bedroom I was using had a beautiful view of the sea out the window and a golf course close by as well as a pool right below it. I’m assuming each house has golf carts because we did. We could drive around the resort safely, came across monkeys and the likes. Guys, I am not an animal person, I cannot stand dogs or cats so this was not the most fun for me but the calmness and peacefulness of the resorts is relaxing and that is (totally) my thing.


The late night chill sessions on the balcony overlooking the sea were everything. Besides the monkeys, it’s a pretty safe and secure place.

This may have been my first but definitely not the last time visiting  Zimbabli.

I hope you have enjoyed this and that I have helped someone make a decision to visit this amazing place. Traveling seems therapeutic to me. If you liked or didn’t like this post do let me know in the comments below. Also feel free to suggest some places that I can visit whether in South Africa or anywhere in the world.

Love & Light



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