Three Words to Describe Your Fashion Style

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Often times most people consider building your wardrobe around a specific style as “trying too hard.” Hmmmm, maybe it is but if you didn’t know, the way you dress is how you basically introduce yourself to the world before you let any word out of your mouth. And, because of that reason, I think building your wardrobe into something that reflects exactly who you are is worth it. We don’t want to send out the wrong message about ourselves now, do we?

It is a bit difficult to build up a wardrobe that depicts who you are especially when you do not quite know your style so I have put together some pointers to help you figure out your style. And as always, feel free to comment or email ( questions you may have – I would love to help where I can.

Here is my advice on how you can pick out three words to describe your style just by going through the clothes you already own.

1. What is in your wardrobe?

Look through your wardrobe. Notice the stuff you wear the most. Those clothes that you are most comfortable in or you feel most fabulous in. The ones that dominate your wardrobe. Yes, those ones. How would you describe them?

2. Your personality. What type of person are you? Are you a people’s person, an introvert, bubbly or grumpy? lol

3. Where do you hang out? What type of events do you attend?

The places you find yourself the most influence how you dress.

My personal style:

My wardrobe is full of comfortable pieces.

I am a bubbly introvert.

Most of my time I am at work where I dress in casual smart outfits. During the weekend I am either treating myself to a breakfast or lunch with friends and usually, I am in outfits that borderline glam and comfort. If I am not with my friends eating somewhere I am at a high tea event, baby shower (because everyone is getting married and having babies) or I am attending some fashion or charity events. At these particular events, I tend to dress fashionable, glam and very lady like.

The three words to describe my style are: Comfortable, Glam and Minimalist.

Let me know how you would describe your style and if you would consider hiring a personal stylist to help you figure out your style.

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