How to Accessorize like a pro

Hey lovelies,

Accessorizing really is that final layer that adds the finishing touch which turns a drab outfit into a pulled-together chic style.

Instead of wearing the whole armor from head to toe look at your outfit and figure out where you can add a little bling, a handbag or shoe to give the outfit life. While putting together a look, you need to do either of the three below.

Keep it Simple


Simplicity equals minimalism which would mean your outfit on its own is delivering the goods so there is no need to drape yourself in jewelry. A few simple rings, a minimal necklace or a single bracelet will bring your look together.

Make a Statement

Most people opt for simple sleek clean looks and then when they think of making a statement they turn to jewelry whereas I say when you need to make a statement with an accessory make it a shoe or a handbag. Chances are if you are looking for a statement-making accessory your outfit is super simple and in need of help.The best additions are unusually structured handbags with details as well as ordinary heels with certain twists to them that make them stand out like the ones above.

Stack it up

When it comes to stacking you can either wear a few midi rings, a couple of bracelets to draw attention from your outfit. Wearing different lengths of necklaces to draw attention to your neck and chest area is also another way of stacking up.

How best would you accessorize based on the above suggestions?

Love & Light



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