Style Secrets | 3 Ways to Slay Effortlessly

Ever wondered how you can look at a blouse, an accessory or any piece of clothing and think, “that is so Vanessa?” It’s because Vanessa has a distinct style that sets her apart and every time you see something you can automatically see her rocking whatever it is so effortlessly. It is possible for everyone to have their own distinct personal style and I am sharing some tips on how to develop that distinct style and slay effortlessly.

As fashion bloggers and enthusiasts, we all have fashion secrets which leave you spoilt for choice and it also makes it easy for you to develop your personal style with all the advice at your disposal. In many cases, you will notice that these “secrets” are more similar than different but you will still manage to weave through them and develop your style.


It is advisable for each and every one to invest in basics which allow you to build up your outfits effortlessly. These basics include white shirt/blouse, white plain t-shirt, black blazer, a little black dress etc. For a full list, you can watch my YouTube video here. You can also download a copy of my basic wardrobe checklist here.

Litle Black dress


White button-down shirt


Quality staples

Your staples can be your entry level designer products. These maybe belts, Small bags or jewelry. Good quality staples will last very long and they are usually classic products which will never go out of style.

You are not going to wear them every day. Bring them out on days you have special events.

I’ve owned this coat for about 3 years now and I can safely say it is one of my precious investment pieces.  

Statement Pieces

Somehow when people talk about statement pieces we all tend to think of jewelry. Statement pieces can be in the form of bags, shoes or just a different cut or a bold pattern of the blouses you love. I personally prefer my heels to make a statement.

These should be your go-to on days you feel like your outfit is too plain. They are sure to bring life but, also make sure you are not making them a staple that everyone knows they will catch you wearing all the time. Make them exclusive.


How do you ensure you stay slaying effortlessly?

Stay Fab & Flawless



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