Striped in a short summer dress

Without a doubt, you have all seen and probably are as fed up with stripes as I am.

Since everyone decided to take the off-the-shoulder trend and made it a striped affair (I did too) I had to find a way to make the trend stand out on its own without it being buried in off-the-shoulder trend.

I thrifted this dress a while ago but it remains a goodie! I specifically picked this dress because it looked like something my grandma would purchase for me (She has great taste! I will be sure to share some of the many dresses she has bought for me).

Fun fact: I never used to wear dresses or skirts until she started gifting them to me. I tried to resist but the woman was so persistent until I gave in and now I wear more of these than anything else.


Curious to know if more of you wear dresses as well or nahhh!

Love & Light





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