Slayage Squad

wo weeks ago I shared my February to do list on the Catch up…Recap Post and on that post I told you one of my girls had a birthday on the 2nd…remember?

I was going to put up a blog post dedicated to her then I remembered the whole squad’s birthdays are coming up throughout the year so I then decided to dedicate this post to all of them because I am sure either of them would demand a post on their birthdays too and anyway I think it’s a good idea for y’all to meet the girls I turn to for everything and anything in my life.

They say, the 5 people you are closest to are a reflection of who you are. So, meet my squad!

A little bit of a background

I am not big on the whole friends thing. I am more of a lone rider but these are the girls I have managed to keep as friends over the years and this is my way of showing them appreciation for putting up with me. I’m really not good with the whole friends thing. I really suck at it but this bunch has stayed true and I really do not know who I would turn to if I didn’t have each of them in my life. sob sob

Meet My Squad


How we met: It’s a funny story. She stole me from her younger sister! he he he

I have known this girl since I was 10 years old and we have shared so much in the past 17 years. This is one young lady I can say knows me more than anyone in this world. Since we became friends we always end up in the same city for some reason. We met in Harare when we both stayed with our grandparents, I moved to Bulawayo for high school and there she was in Bulawayo. We were at different schools but still in Bulawayo. We lived just a taxi away from each other in Botswana for years. I moved back to Harare and guess who was also in Harare. Recently I relocated to Johannesburg and I will leave you to guess who is here too 🙂

It’s like God knows we always need each other so he always has a plan to keep us close to each other and surely we do seek each other’s shoulder more often than expected.

One weird thing about our friendship though is the fact that our mothers think we are a bad influence on each other. Her mum still cannot stand knowing that we are friends, my mum isn’t bothered but my granma haaaaa that’s a different story. They both need prayer! We are old enough to know what to take from our friendship and what to do away with. At some point they will give up and move on with their lives while we go on with ours as friends.

Most memorable moment: When we shared Chicken Licken wings for 11 pula. We were hungry and broke. And we were still in high school. LMAO.

What I love the most about her: Patience is a quality I wish I had. I think God gave it all to her because he knew she needed it more than I do. I am bad at communicating with friends, yet she always makes the first call or text. She is truly a blessing, a friend that we all need.


How we met: Girls College Bulawayo. We both moved to GC the same year … I think. (she will correct me if I a wrong 🙂 )

Where to start??? hmmm

I honestly do not remember how we started talking or how we came to be friends. I guess it was that natural but, I remember us asking to share a room in hostel because shouting to each other from our cloisters was becoming a mission and texting each other to gossip wasn’t going down any more.

Remember in this lingerie post, I told you that there is a time I used to go bra shopping every week. This is the girl I used to go bra shopping with. We had pretty good taste in bras from a young age.

Ruffy has listened to my problems, sometimes just voice notes of me letting out tears and she always has the best words to get me out of my misery. This girl can make you forget your problems y’all but when she is faced with the same issues she almost doesn’t know how to keep herself together lmao.The panicking queen!!!

We have gone for 8 years without seeing each other but if you heard us talking on the phone you would think we last saw each other the previous day. I think (she will confirm this) we both believe there is a curse on the name, Kuda-story for another day lmao.

Most memorable moment: We got lost in the mall together. lol After 8 years apart, we decided to go for a movie while waiting for her results to be released the same day and oh well, we couldn’t quite remember our way around the mall. Sandton City Mall is too big for nothing though.

What I love the most about her: Her love and hard work is unmatched. Whoever marries this one is going to be truly blessed with a home covered in prayer and love!


How we met: We worked together at Multichoice Zimababwe.

Three years ago, ha ha oh Lawd!!! God just knew I needed this one!

I am not sure if it is three or four years ago but knowing Samantha she will probably comment with the right date, not year…date (laughs). I have never ever met anyone with as much life as this young lady. She is an extra dose of everything. I asked all of them to send me their favorite pics for this post and she sent 5. HA HA HA  who does that?

I would show you a screenshot of her telling me how she was determined to become friends with me but I don’t want to embarrass her lmao. I had it on my Instagram until she joined Instagram. In fear of getting a shouting I took it down. Just like me, the girl speaks her mind and I love that about her. She is also my personal advisor and confidant.

This past weekend I had marathon lectures. I got home on Sunday afternoon, parents had gone somewhere and man, I was exhausted. Since I wasn’t expected to cook lunch for anyone, I headed to my bedroom, changed into pyjama shorts and a vest, and I dove onto my bed hoping to catch up on some sleep. As soon as I rest my head on a pillow, a Whatsapp message beeps and it’s Samantha. I could have ignored her but she is not the type you ignore. Trust me, she would have called countless times. I picked up my phone, took instruction and I was up on my laptop editing her CV.

You would think someone can overlook mistakes when they have asked for a favor, woooooooooooooo I was never ready, I had to amend that CV four times. LMAO,  I am not complaining … I did it with love and I even told her that I only did it because I love her that much.

Most memorable moment: While I was in Zim, we actually never hung out a lot but I remember convincing her to go to some concert with me. Casper Nyovest was there, it was a must for us to be there, cough cough. I had the best night I’ve ever had in Harare.

What I love the most about her: Despite the pressures of being a wife and a mother she still has time to entertain my whining and childish behavior at times. And I am yet to meet a married, dedicated, committed and slaying woman like her.


How we met: Ex boyfriends.

Being the amazing girlfriend I can be, I decided to host a surprise dinner for my then boyfriend. I invited his closest friends and family and they were welcome to bring dates. This beauty came in with one of his friends and we clicked mostly because she commented on my cooking lol. She so soft spoken you wouldn’t believe that we get along because we seem like total opposites but our love for fashion is lit!

Laura is a lady of few words (I don’t even have a lot to write about her) but low-key crazy. God knew I needed this one because my loud self needs her calmness for balance.

I asked them for pictures and she sent 10. Her inner diva is always ready to jump out.

Most memorable moment: We dated guys who seriously are the same person and we somehow always found ourselves lonely despite being in a relationship. One Saturday we decided to take ourselves out for breakfast and forget about the “douche bags” … they are all we spoke about lmao.

What I love the most about her: Her aura is calming and the way she always tell me to pray and fast. lol


How we met: We met at work.

My partner in slayage!

So … last year in July we both showed up for training at the company we both work at now. As God would have it, we were the only girls in a group of 9 or 10 I think.

After a week or two I remember our trainer making a remark about how I didn’t talk to the only other girl in my team. I had nothing against her but hey, girls can be a lot of drama though it turns out she isn’t a lot of drama ha ha. From that day, we both started making an effort to converse and now we are partners in slayage!

Like all of my friends, she is a version of me that I had lost touch with but her vibe brought it back. This gyaaaal serves raw advice and trust me you would think she is heartless but she is a sweetheart. She might deny that, but take my word for it hey.

Our friendship is yet to mature but it surely is off to great start … you know how I know, we can laugh at anything together. I mean anything. We could laugh at this blog post right now lmao 🙂

She is that friend I need for extra sauce.

Most memorable moment: Well, she made it happen for my birthday last year. She really came through as a friend. I had just broken up with my bf and I was seriously considering spending the day at home drowning in my sorrow but she made sure I had the best birthday aver and I love her for that!

What I love the most about her: Her strong but soft personality if you know what I mean. I relate to that.

They may be different from each other but one thing they have in common is their love for fashion. Each with a distinct style, you will always catch them serving a slay. They may not read my blog all the time but today they have no choice. Ha ha  *sticks tongue out!

I would love to read what you think of each of them. Comment below please.

Stay Fab and Flawless



3 thoughts on “Slayage Squad”

  1. Awww Vanessah, with an H, where do I even start, this just brought tears to my eyes, you are such an amazing soul, the friend that has become a sister, always giving with no expectations, YOU are always laughing hahaha and yes I am the queen of panicking thanks for always being the anchor,the one that calms me down ,that one friend I can call at 3am.. keeping this forever ..I love you friend

    1. Ha ha, I sure am always laughing hey.
      You are my personal person you.And I am sure you know I appreciate and love you too but, are you only reading this blog post now? lol

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