2017 Fashion Trends | DOs and DON’Ts

Each year/season fresh looks are unleashed and we are left to figure out what will work off the runways and what is to be left on the magazine pages. As much as trends are fun to follow most of them disappear faster than that boy who said he loved you…remember him? lol

Just like that boy you invested all your time in, fashion trends disappear at the same lightning speed after spending all your hard earned money.

The point of trends is to have fun and be part of a fashionable “community” not to waste all your hard earned money. To ensure you do not break the bank you should be shopping for durability and affordability (this could be subjective but ultimately, whatever you purchase should at least be reasonably priced) and you should be sure that you can get different outfit options by pairing that particular piece with a few other different pieces you already own.

Here are my DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to purchasing certain trends

Trend DOs


Easy elegance has taken over the streets and I am guilty of embracing this trend without shame. To stick to the elegant look, you will have to steer away from sneakers and swap them for a pair of heels while keeping everything else athletic. Athletic pieces give you multi-wear. They can easily take you from a laid back brunch to the gym.


The button-down shirt has been reinvented into many different styles from boob tubes to off shoulder this year. This is definitely one trend that can withstand its phase and is worth spending on.

Statement-making slogans

Tees and dresses that do all the talking for you. Besides the awesome fact that they give introverts a voice, they can be worn in trend and out of trend. No need to update your wardrobe every season.


Trend DON’Ts

Statement Stripes

I don’t think anyone can question the cuteness of these colorful bold stripes. In trend, they are definitely transferable from the runway to the office if you are in the fashion and creative world. If you are not in the mentioned line of work you would need to be bold AF to wear these out of trend. If you have to own a piece, make it something cheap enough to enjoy while you ride the wave only.



Unless the embroidery is minimal, preferably on the heel of a shoe I will not be caught in anything embroidered. What must happen to the embroidered jeans, jackets and the like when the world decides that we are over the trend? I advise against the trend because it isn’t something that I see blending well with everyday clothes and so if you have to own an embroidered piece, do not spend a fortune because you will not get multiple wears off it when we get over the trend.

Bra Out

No more lurking beneath shirts and tops. Bras are getting their time in the spotlight. Apparently corset belts just weren’t enough? We have to take our bras out…hmmm. For myself, this is a NO because it is neither cool nor appealing to me now and it will only get worse when it isn’t trending. I will stay away from this one but if you want to spend your money on it  – go ahead!

Agree with my Dos and DON’Ts?

Comment below with the trends you will be following for the next 6 months before the end of the year.

Love & Light





2 thoughts on “2017 Fashion Trends | DOs and DON’Ts”

  1. The bra out trend is definitely a no no no no 😀.
    Button down shirt- love this trend ( but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out, makes me feel so behind lol but I definitely have to give it a try )

    Good advice Nessah ♥️ It .

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      You need serious amounts of guts to pull that one off hey lol.
      I haven’t done the button down shirt yet as well but I am all for off the shoulder looks and I cannot get enough

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