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Heyy darlings,

This blog caters to the frugal working woman, the girl in college, that girl who is interning or just got her first job out of college and trying to find her style and build her wardrobe out of the little she gets. If you are reading this, you are probably one of these women above and, this post is definitely for you.

Today’s  post is one I have been meaning to do for some time but I just never got around to it. After I posted this outfit, I had some people asking where I got the clothes and everyone was surprised I am wearing all Mr Price. By now y’all should know I am big on saving and as much as I love shopping, I am frugal. I would rather shop online and wait for my delivery for 30 days because I chose free shipping over an expensive purchase at the mall.

So many people have this belief that in order to look good you have to buy expensive stuff. Where this notion stems from is a mystery to me but this really isn’t the case!

Here is how I shop cheap but still manage to look stylish and stay true to my style 🙂

1. Minimalist style for the win

Clean, simple colors will help you get away with wearing cheap clothes. I know, I can always count on a plain white or black piece of clothing – whether it’s a top, a pair of pants or a dress. Giving yourself that minimal simple look will turn the focus from your clothes to you

2. Buy the best of what you can afford.

While you may not need to go for the expensive pieces at all times, you should always buy the best of what you can afford. Fast fashion requires extra care which makes it expensive if you really look at it. But, a few good pieces will go a long way.

3. Buy for opposite seasons

This really works for me because I am not usually after trends. Shop for summer in Winter because everything summer is at reduced prices and the same for winter clothes in summer.

4. Buy the right size

It’s imperative that your clothes are the right size whether they came with a bank breaking price or you got them at the extra 75% off sale. When it comes to cheap clothes, you really don’t want to draw attention to yourself because it is easy to spot cheap. For that reason, you do not want eyes on you. So be sure to try on clothes and make sure they fit comfortably before making a purchase.

5. Be patient … shop sales

Whichever part of the world you are in, I am sure shops around you have sales frequently. Here in South Africa, every end of the month almost every shop has a sale. Take advantage! Trends never really go our of style as long as you know how to incorporate them into your personal style. When you walk into a shop, you are allowed to ask for their sale items hey, don’t be ashamed! someone has to buy those clothes.

I hope this was helpful. Share how you shop in the comments below.

Love & Light



6 thoughts on “Shop Cheap, Look Stylish and Expensive”

  1. Great tips, especially the one about making sure you buy the right size! Nothin worse than cheap clothes that are too big, or worse, too small!

  2. Totally agree! Especially with keeping it minimal – never underestimate black, white or a combo.
    Over and above that, you can always accessorize with colour – a scarf if it’s Winter, a sash if it’s Summer, red lipstick 😉

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for stopping by and yes accessorizing is always a good way to add some spice to a minimal outfit.

  3. 3. Buy for opposite seasons: great point there i have tried and wow i managed to buy really nice stuff at a cheap price thanks Miss Nessa

    1. Oh wow, what a surprise to see you comment here Sandra:)
      Glad to hear you have managed to make some purchases for opposite seasons – it’s always the best thing to do if you are not really crazy about trends. Thanks for stopping by, hope we will see you here more often.

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