SAFW: Preps, First Show Experience and my Outfit

Five years ago, if someone had told me that I would be a fashion and beauty blogger attending SAFW I wouldn’t have believed them. My aspirations then were different from my now reality, however, I am literally living my dream and enjoying every moment of building my brand and all the experience that’s coming with it. If you remember, in my first blog post I did state that SAFW was my next step in the fashion world. Look at God!


This being my first ever SAFW a lot of planning and anticipation went into it. I had no idea what I would wear so I turned to my only source of hope in times of need, YouTube! I specifically stalked, Aimee Song of Song Of Style because she is the only Blogger/YouTuber I know who has attended countless fashion shows around the world. Her channel was just what I needed to get myself ready though I still felt very nervous.


TheShow I watched was the Sunglass Hut New Talent Search and consisted of the designers listed below.

LUMIN – Winner 2016
I will share my favorite looks and collection over the weekend because I have to attend the Men’s Wear on Friday. Last night’s show was quite an experience. Designs were breathtaking except just one collection that I really didn’t like at all but I will share more this weekend ha ha.
After the show, it’s like I walked into an Instagram fashion and beauty pool. I could recognize a lot of the faces from Instagram timeline and obviously, pictures had to be taken.
My Outfit was planned in a night.
I was supposed to go shopping with a friend of mine but adulting got in the way of our plans so I was left to work with what I had in my cupboard already. The designer in me stepped out and voila: A striped blazer secured by a skinny woven belt to keep the girls from popping out. Paired with this was a pair of plain black shorts and an old long skirt with a front cut out to show some leg. Minimal heels for a touch of class and elegance, a statement necklace because we all want to give people something to remember us by.
Last night was truly an amazing experience and I cannot wait to share it all this weekend.
Excuse the iPad pictures, guys. With my YouTube Channe launch comes a camera so these terrible pics will be a thing of the past.
Love & Light


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