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The SAFW (South African Fashion Week) has come to an end and I am left wary of going back to my normal life. Exams are right around the corner, I am still planning my birthday and YouTube Launch event which are taking up lots of my time but failing is not an option so if I do not post often please be understanding. I love you all!

Fashion Week! One can never really be prepared. All the outfits I had planned, I never wore them. The night before each show I attended I found myself putting together outfits that I would have never thought of wearing. On Day 1, I wore this. Day 4 which was my second day of attendance I wore a one-shoulder African print top from @riso_jeradibrand paired with ripped jeans and the most comfortable heel in my shoe collection.

Before the 18:00 show we had a talk based on the environmental impact of fast fashion. It was quite insightful and if you have never given a thought on this topic I would encourage you to do so. Based on my blog stats you and I are barely at the point where we can all afford to walk into Gucci unhesitant. Until then, fast fashion might be our only option…take the time to find out where the clothes are made and the conditions in which the manufacturers are subjected to. In places like Bangladesh, they are underpaid and made to work in unsafe buildings that easily collapse causing thousands of deaths all in the name of cheap clothing. See for yourself.

Favorite Collection From SAFW

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that Jaime of Liu Liu did the things for me. He is a Cape Town based designer who showcased his collection as part of the Sunglass Hut Talent Search. His work is simply amazing! His work focuses on the structure and form of the body and as a result, his designs accentuate the natural curvilinear and symmetry of the female body. My love for black is undoubted but in this case, the play of tassels, frills and the touch of gold on sheer black and textured fabric creating structure and personality in a garment is really what had me sold to his collection.

You can watch his collection here.

For more on his work, I will have an interview with him up on the blog soon.

We all know that Gert Johan Coetzee brought it as always but he has been recognized enough times though!

Feel free to share your thought on my fav collection.

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