Real reasons I choose to hobble around in high heels …


Heels make me feel more feminine

The little height elevation, a little more sway in my hips and the accentuated posture really make me feel more feminine and funny enough even my etiquette hits fleek.

Heels enhance my confidence

Wearing heels makes me feel good and empowered. Let’s assume you are wearing high heels because it makes you feel good. When you feel good about yourself you will feel more confident. When you are confident you are more motivated, have more energy and you actually dare to take risks. It actually makes you more productive, which is the base of success.

Power dressing

Heels might not be the most practical fashion choice for anyone who wants to go out into the world and get stuff done but for a woman seeking a seat on the same table as men, one has to be presented a certain way. In such professional settings heels tend to make me feel fearless, competent and authoritative and without a doubt I get respect.

Flat shoes are boring

Flat shoes strip me of my (extra) confidence and sexiness as a woman and for that I don’t find them appealing. These days we do come across flat shoes with details, but even with that detail I’m not in love with them entirely however there are occasions one can’t be found wearing high heels so I definitely own a pair or two for shopping day or for a lazy day out with the girls or Mr Man.

Heels can transform any outfit

Just like a perfect smokey eye, one’s heels can transform a day time outfit into a glam night look. It only takes the right pair of heels to do the trick.

What are your reasons for wearing heels?

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