Product Review | Azzaro Gift Set for Her

Today I woke up high on life.

After reflecting, I realized that the past few weeks I have lived my life different. A good different though. The kind of different that has me genuinely happy and naturally high on life. Living to the fullest without regret.

Besides being genuinely, naturally happy there are other things that make your girl  HAPPY and one of them is a gorgeous fragrance especially when it comes as a gift from myself to myself. A girl has to spoil herself from time to time or every month. Hell, if you can do it every day do it. There are no rules to this.

Y’all know I am constantly on the search for an alluring fragrance despite my long-time loyalty to Gucci. Just this past year I went from using Flora by Gucci to Black Opium by YSL to Guess Girl and now I am obsessed with Azzaro. Fragrance whore, maybe.

Anything feminine, sweet with a ladylike musk will find its way into my fragrance collection.

I found this not too impressive but sweetish and musky gem on the takealot end of month fragrance sale in November and I decided to go for it because the packaging looked yummy and expensive. It’s not so impressive but a few weeks later, I made another purchase. It is that addictive.

The set is made up of a shimmer body lotion (100ml) which happens to be my favorite this summer and a fancy gold coated fragrance (50ml).

The notes consist of passion flower, red apple, grapefruit, orchid, patchouli and musk which make it a sweetish but musky fragrance – I love.

Despite the gorgeous packaging, the scent does not last that long, hence the two purchases. Halfway through my day I find that I need a reapplication to freshen up the scent and not subject the world to a basic odour. Besides the need for reapplying, which is only once a day the packaging is bomb, the size of the product is a steal for the price it retails and it looks good on the dresser.

Would I recommend this to anyone? I certainly would. For the affordable price, we can all invest in two sets. One to keep at work or in your handbag for freshening up and one for your bedrooms or bathrooms for when you get ready in the morning.

Those who have tried it, I would love to know what you think of it. Those who haven’t what are you using or what would you recommend that I try?

Stay Fab and Flawless



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