P R O D U C T R E V I E W: LUX Sheer Twilight Body Wash

The body wash is a signature Lux creation that brings out a woman’s bold and beautiful side, inspiring her to step out of her comfort zone. Because, what is life without a little adventure right?

When I decided to do this review I went an a week long adventure of my own and that was long enough to convince me to switch from my regular body wash. To say the least, I was impressed!

The main scent – black orchid is enveloped in the celestial beauty of dark floral tones. The Lux Sheer Twilight body Wash container is a true depiction of this blend of orchid and dark florals.  With every shower I take, an indulgent, sensuous and absolutely unforgettable scent is left lingering in my bathroom.

The first few days I used it in the morning but as they say, it’s fragrance can last up to eight hours. It does last long. It’s not just a claim. But because of this, I could not handle the conflict with my fragrance so I started using it the evenings only.

I think they really should have labeled this an evening or after gym body wash because the scent is pretty relaxing especially after an evening gym session. The rich alluring fragrance guarantees a beautiful, relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep and an added scent to my sheets 🙂

I picked this up at Clicks and I’m not sure how much it was but trust me if I bought it, it wasn’t expensive.



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