O U T F I T: Comfortable Sporty Chick

Hey darlings!

I hope everyone made it through the week in one piece.

I had an awesome week and already doing my count down to the new year 🙂

Today’s outfit is inspired by my love for comfort and the gym. It also embodies my personality to a great extent. As some may know, I decided to take myself back to the gym YAAAAY. Trying to achieve #fitnessgoals.

Contrary to the belief of many, I am an indoors person. I look like the party animal, I probably behave like it too but I am the total opposite. I just have an extra dose of energy and life LOL. I normally spend my Friday nights watching a movie, doing an assignment or planning a blog post. On Saturdays, I’m either at work, locked up in my room, at a photo-shoot or planning a blog post.

With such weekend plans I am literary the comfort queen.

So I decided to post this outfit today.


When you totally have no plans for the day, a pair of shorts, a vest and a pair of slippers are a go to. A plain vest subtracts all effort from any outfit. I am wearing one that is more body hugging because I like my body to be defined. However a lose fitting one would still work considering the look is more focused on being comfortable.


The shorts are just the right length, half way down my thigh. Not showing too much nor too little. With this length you maintain your sexiness but you are still covered enough to walk around the house without your African father telling you how you have adopted the Western culture while forgetting your own. LOL


The slippers, well, I am normally barefoot when I am home but I am totally in love with the message on these slippers -“The world is my run way.”



You can also throw on a cardigan like I did if you want but it’s not necessary. I had to get out of the house at some point and I felt comfortable wearing one.

All the details about where I got my outfit are on my Instagram: @mis_nessah

Share your thoughts right below 🙂

Stay Fab and Flawless!

Till next post … all love from me @mis_nessah


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