O U T F I T: Blue & Grey

Hey darlings, I hope everyone is fabulous and in the festivity mood. I am!

Last weekend I had my first photo-shoot with the photographer I am now working with for my new website. Exciting stuff!

I had no idea what to wear. I swear I was thinking about it the night before the shoot while I was packing, when I got into bed, I’m sure I even dreamt of it LOL. But still, inthe morning I had no idea what I would wear until I had to rush out of the house.

I literally picked what was in sight at the moment and this ensemble came to life.


I rarely show off my midriff. Okay, I never show off my midriff unless I’m walking around the house. But since I started going to the gym again I have found a new love and confidence in my body.

The crop top Is from Eastrand Mall. One of my cousins somehow convinced me I would look good in it. If I may say so myself, I think I do. I see what she meant and I love it now!


I got the skirt at a sale in Legit at Eastgate Mall a while back. YES, I tend to buy clothes and I pack them away. I had totally forgotten about this skirt. It still had its tag on. I remember the day I bought it, it was the front opening of the skirt that drew me to it and I am surely in love with this skirt. Such a fabulous style and fit.


The shoes were a gift from my dad. He blessed me with these Louboutins just before my birthday two years ago and they are a very priced position. They are pretty high which makes them uncomfortable to walk around in but the cushioning in them makes it feel like my feet are on clouds.


I had never thought a mixture of blue and grey could work but hey, I pulled it off.


Stay fab and flawless.



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