Natural, No Makeup Look

Perfect Your Canvas first.

For makeup to blend in easily‚ first wash with cleanser and a cloth to gently exfoliate your face.

Moisturize and Even Out Skin Tone

The fastest, most natural way to do this is with a tinted lotion. Make sure it contains sun protection. Most if not all tinted lotions are sheer so you don’t have to match it to your skin exactly, as you have to do with foundation. You can go slightly deeper to warm up your complexion. Apply it like a basic moisturizer.

Conceal Any Flaws

For visible breakouts or deep under eye circles, use a pigment-rich concealer. Refrain from using too much concealer. That only accentuates problem areas. For blemishes, dab, blend, and build up coverage in thin layers. For dark circles, swipe concealer under your eyes, then pat with your ring finger to blend.

Use powder if needed

If your skin gets shiny, follow with an oil-absorbing powder. *If your skin is very oily, skip the tinted moisturizer and use only concealer and powder. Swirl on your powder using a brush in a circular motion; this will leave an undetectable veil of cover-up (not a powdery look).

Pick a Warm Cheek Color

Here you might want to go for cream blushes in warm peaches or pinks, they give skin a natural, subtle flush. Be careful not to apply too much. Remember less is more.

Eyes and lips

If you have long lashes like mine, there is no need for mascara when you rock the no makeup look but there is always need to contour the eyes. Always choose a shadow that is a shade slightly darker than your skin. Brush it into the creases of your eyes and along the lower lashes, making sure there are no hard edges. This enhances your eyes’ contours without showing up as shadow.

Lips: a nude lip gloss or lipstick should do the trick. Choose a shade closest to you natural lip color to avoid the “hungry look” or something that has a slight tint of color.

* To make sure you’re using the lightest touch, do your makeup in daylight, if possible. Prop up your mirror near a window.

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