My 2017 in style + Blog Recap + Some goals

Hi loves,

We are already neck deep in the new year and I did do a New Year post but, I felt like sharing my faves, highs, and lows from last year and some 2018 goals.

The last few weeks of December were some of the best ever. The year was really a ball though. I got to meet other bloggers whom I believe we have fostered great relationships, worked with some talented photographers and collaborated with some amazing brands. Since 2015 when I published my first blog post I had never really embraced the title, “Fashion Blogger” but 2017 made the title stick and I confidently introduce myself as a Fashion Blogger with no hesitation now.

Photos By Sean


The year as a whole was amazing. Started off well with two prominent brands reaching out to collaborate with me so you can be assured my year started off on a high. As we progressed, the year got interesting. As always assignments and exams were the order of my days but I managed to live and enjoy life a little, squeezing in a few events here and there.

At work, I move from one department to another. We could call it a promotion but it doesn’t,t quite feel like it. However, I do appreciate the change from a department I could not stand any more.

I attended a few events – girl on her hustle. Attending SA Fashion week was definitely the highlight of the year. As per my first blog post, next stop is the rest of the African fashion Weeks as I prepare for New York fashion Week.

As some of you may know, I spent all of last year single and not searching because I felt I needed some time alone to figure myself out and just work on myelf, my goals and my books. By the time the year ended your girl was hanging out with a human of the opposite sex and you can get the low down on this on my Instagram stories from time to time. You can never predict how a relationship will turn out but, I will say this, sometimes just giving yourself time to be single and alone does help. Once you learn to be happy and content on your own it becomes easier to let someone in and not let your happiness be depended on them or the state of your relationship.

Photos by McGee


Well, where to start? Right at the beginning of the year, I collaborated with two prominent brands and automatically my year started off on a high. I went on to shoot with some of the best photographers and I got featured on a few blogs and magazines – the works of God.

Since I started blogging, last year was the year I witnessed tremendous growth and I got comfortable with the title, “Fashion Blogger.”

In my Blogger’s life, the highlight of the year was the launch of my YouTube Channel which you can have a look at here.

It has been a journey guys but it’s all worth it. Started from now we here-

Photo by Terrance

2018 Plans

Besides reintroducing V.Chili Makeup, on my YouTube Channel and working on an effective strategy to grow these babies of  mine I don’t have anything else specific, I’m just going to let the year surprise me.






I would love to know what your plans are for 2018. Did you experience any growth in the past year and how are you planning on executing this year?


Stay Fab and Flawless



4 thoughts on “My 2017 in style + Blog Recap + Some goals”

  1. Babe I am a permanent reader of this baby of yours. I love how engaging your blog is. But enjoyed it so much I felt I still needed to read some more. Have been seeing those possibly bae insta stories. Girl I stand by that everyday, before you understand how to love yourself fully and seek understanding of feeling loved, don’t go into relationships.

    1. Thanks for being a permanent reader boo. I appreciate. Haha people must just know that there is a bae but never know his face. It’s a passion of mine to at least make young girls aware of the fact that no man will ever make them feel complete if they do not feel complete in their singleness.

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