Monochromatic Black & Grey


Hi darlings!

I hope you are all good. Second week of 2017 is almost over. I really feel like time if flying and I have no idea why. We were keDecembering (enjoying the holidays) just now and all of a sudden we are half way through the first month on 2017. Where are the days going? Please, someone tell me.

Today’s post is focused on a color I know almost every woman owns and I happen to have an insatiable love for the color too. First of all it matches with almost anything and secondly, who doesn’t want to look slimmer than they really are (I have both my hands raised, just in case you are wondering).

Black is a versatile color. Wearing it from head-to-toe may seem extreme but it can be pulled off! By layering or mixing different fabrics you give the “all black everything” look interest and texture.

In the look below I wore a cotton t-shirt paired with a shinny pair of leggings (I have no idea what the fabric is called) with a little faux leather on the pockets. The gold zips by the pockets just added a little edge to the look. And the ankle boots are just what I needed to make the look complete with a little class. The grey sleeveless coat is perfect for a little contrast and softness to balance that all black everything look.

For a more polished, not so edgy look, I could have worn black skinny jeans but I seem to be growing out of jeans now and everything is becoming more about comfort. Boring! I know hey. I need to go shopping for some great pair of jeans. That might rekindle the love.

Do you also love the monochromatic look as much as i do? Why?

Till next post, stay Fab and Flawless



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