Meet the bow: Satin Ribbon shoelaces

Hi lovelies,

Despite it being summer already, I am marinading in this satin ribbon trend while others are stocking up on summer sandals.

One Saturday afternoon I found myself in Cotton On at Sandton City Mall. I saw sale signs and the next thing I was standing at the till swiping my bank card. Usually, I wait till I get home to try on my new merchandise, just to make sure if I will be keeping or ditching. On this specific day I was meeting up with Zim’s style Icon, Craig Zoowie and I couldn’t help but change into these babies while on my way to meet with him. Normally I never shop while on my way to a meeting with anyone but this was inevitable. Clearly, this was meant to be!


 Prior to this trend, I had never been a sneakers type of girl. The giveaway I had earlier this year is proof of this. The only place you have ever seen me in sneakers is in the gym. I guess all I needed to take sneakers out of the gym was something that appealed to the girl in me – Ribbons!

Obviously, I went for a color I loved and knew I would wear over and over again. It certainly blends with the nudes and the recently trendy millennial pink that has taken us by storm. Since I was dressed already I didn’t have to build up an outfit. I am gravitating towards black and nude a lot these days. A simple nude tank top (R80), Black jeans (R250) and a Black coat (R250). The coat was originally R300 but when you are trying to be a entrepreneur, negotiating has to be second nature and I think I have mastered the art pretty well.



Do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of sneakers with a big satin ribbon or just buy the ribbons and you can use them on sneakers you already own if you are one to follow trends. If you are not the Cotton On type of woman, Puma has a variety of these.

Love & Light



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