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Hi loves,

As promised two weeks ago, here is my clothing love list. Life is seriously just happening right now and I have been struggling to keep up but as always, I will be in control of it all soon.

Flared Pants

As my personal style has changed over the past year, flared pants have been dominating my wardrobe. My favorite pair, being a black one from H&M. What I love the most about this pair is the luxurious feel of the fabric and the many different looks I can get from it. Flared pants came back as a trend about three years ago and back then I tried them on in this post and I basically fell in love.

Flared pants are very versatile especially if they are in a bold color without any prints. They can go from a formal work outfit to the mall or a Saturday lunch look. A look book on this is coming soon.

Body Suits

Growing up I hated these but my mum just loved buying them for me.  I wonder if anyone can relate. The struggle of taking them off whenever I wanted to use the bathroom really worked on my nerves. Man, I hated these things and she just never seemed to get it. Fast forward to 2017, I purchased one for myself because I wanted to try it out and see if it would frustrate me as much as it did back then ha ha ha. Surprisingly, I found it super comfortable and they make it easy to put an outfit together. Since then I have gone back and purchased two more. Yep, I am that kind of girl. If I like it I will purchase it over and over again (not always a good practice though).

Body Suits are perfect to pair with anything that can be worn as a bottom. Be it a skirt, a pair of shorts or pants. I hope you are picking up the trend here – It’s always good to “invest” in pieces that give you multi wear so that you get the most out of each piece.


For those who follow my Instagram @mis_nessah,  you should be bored of seeing my pics in this midi brown cardigan. I have always been a cardigan fan because they can make any outfit look comfortable. I love this particular one because of the light knit which makes it perfect got Fall and Spring.


Being the basketball player I was, I grew up loving my flat shoes and never ever thought I would see the day I put on a pair of heels. That day came when I was 18 and I have never looked back. I still do love my flat shoes but I am really in love with heels. The way they enhance my posture and accentuate my feminine figure gives me all the confidence I need in this world.

At the beginning of the year I decided to try my luck with online shopping and I purchased a pair of heels which have become my absolute faves. They exude sexiness with a whole lot of comfort and they are y go yo for a night out or any event out of the office.

Which pieces of clothes are your staples and why?

Love & Light



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    1. Yes, good shoes are a must! I have seen your posts in denim, I can understand why you love – girl, you rock it so well boo.

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