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It has been a bit of a challenge getting to posting this last part of my Love List Series but here it is.

No outfit is complete without some accessories to tie it together right? Yes.

As some may know, I am a minimalist who loves color and in my minimalism, I still, appreciate accessorizing to ensure my whole outfit is always put together to the tee. Keep on reading to find out which ones I have found fascinating, helpful and fabulous over these past few months.


My favorite at the moment is this one from the Call-it Spring collection available at I got it as a blogger freebie YAY but it definitely is a type I would have purchased for myself. The structure exudes serious designer vibes. It looks very expensive, well it is quite reasonably priced at R499 even though it looks way expensive. It also goes with almost all of my clothes. Whether I am casually dressed or office ready, this is my go to and you should totally get yourself one.


As a person who has sensitive ears, I tend not to wear earrings much so when I do find a pair that does not make my ears itch I sing praises. I have not worn these a lot of times but I have not had a problem so they are my ultimate loves. Pink has been a big hit these past few months and fur gives them a fun, glam element. Everyone should own a pair they can wear to those rare glam events that show up once in a while.


A few midi rings can change how your whole outfit looks and they are a great way to draw attention to your manicured nails. And for those, like myself who are yet to get “a ring on it” these tend to be great conversation starters.

Fedora Hat

All I can say is – never underestimate the power of a Fedora hat. I have one that I got toward the end of last year and I have worn it both in summer and in winter, believe me, these fedora hats give an effortless chicness to any look especially if you get it in a nude or black … okay, let’s just say  fedora hat in a neutral color is the BOSS!


No debate here, sunglasses are every person’s accessory must have all year round. If not for the fashion and showing off one’s style, everyone should invest in a great pair for eye protection. There are a variety of frames and styles to choose from – there is definitely something for everyone. I tend to gravitate towards the cat eye because I have come to realize that those look best on me considering my face shape.

I would love to know which accessories you swear by in the comments below.

love & Light



4 thoughts on “Love List | Accessories”

  1. I’m obsessed with the midi ring and yass the fedora in a neutral color is boss… I’m inspired by you all day everyday keep at it boo ❤❤❤👏👏👑

    1. Iyanda you just give me life boo. Most people underestimate the power of such simple accessories, but they really give an outfit a little pop.

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