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Today I decided to introduce a Love List Series which I hope you will enjoy. In this series, I will be sharing products that I have found useful and helpful these first six months of the year. As the blog grows I have become more open to trying new products and brands so that I can be more helpful to you guys.

This is going to be a three-part series. The first one will be on Beauty Products, the second one will be on Accessories and the last one will be focused on Clothes. I will put one of these up every Sunday morning so that you have all day on Sunday to relax and read through them as you mentally prepare yourself for the beginning of the working week.

First up is this eyeshadow palette, #Slaysfordays from @swiitchbeauty. I got this in February after much contemplation because I rarely wear eyeshadows but the warm colors in this palette are irresistible. Since receiving the palette, I have used it just a few times and I am deep in love with the way they feel buttery soft on application. Since I don’t wear eyeshadow that much I get maximum usage of this palette by using some of the warmer shades as a blush and I use some of the dark ones to contour.

About my order: Delivery is free! And I got my package in a day! – Talk about great service!!! Without a doubt, I would recommend this palette to everyone who appreciates pigmented eye shadows which are long lasting and good service.

LA Girl concealers basically dominate on YouTube. The brand as a whole is inexpensive but of good quality products. I was convinced of this even before I got my hands on any of the products.

My opinion of the concealers might be biased because I have actually never tried that many other concealers except for the very disappointing Avon one which I tried about 3 years ago and a Vault Cosmetics one which also wasn’t that impressive but it did the job.

I have been using these for a few months now and I use them in my full makeup routine and even alone on days I do not feel like wearing foundation. They blend so well with my skin leaving a flawless, matte finish.

They are also quite durable. Do not be fooled by the small tube. Since it’s a concealer I generally do not use a lot so I have found that they last very long. They offer full coverage which is impressive. Trust me, your highlight and contour game will sky rocket as soon as you bless yourself with these concealers. You can get these at Dischem for R69.99. Very affordable.

NYX is another brand I got to know through YouTube. I obsessed over these matte lippies for weeks before I actually went out to make a purchase at Clicks.

From the Lingerie collection, I took Beauty Mark which I am totally in love with. It’s the perfect nude for a black girl – my opinion.

It’s a liquid matte that is easy to apply and it blends well with my natural lip color. It seems to have an underlying purple pigment which I really love. On application, it’s liquid, more liquid than the soft matte lip creams which feel, soft and buttery on application.

NYX – Beauty Mark Liquid Lippie

After application, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes for it to dry completely matte. After it has dried I find that my lips are a bit uncomfortable. Even though they feel like it, they are not completely dried out and certainly do not look it. On looking in the mirror, you will see that it looks quite normal compared to other matte lip sticks which leave your lips looking cracked and dry.

I have only written about Beauty Mark in this post because it is my favorite, I hope to do a review of London and Abu Dhabi soft matte lip creams soon though.

For the fancy looking packaging, the Lingerie collection is reasonably priced at R149.95 in Clicks.

Hand creams are the most recent addition to my beauty buys. I never used to be the girl that buys hand creams until I had to buy a goodbye present for a friend of mine.

The cute packaging in Typo caught my eye. The pastel colors really drew me to the hand lotion initially, then I smelt the blueberry hand cream … I was sold. I found myself at the till paying for 3 hand creams. My friend only got one. LOL.

On another visit to the mall, while shopping summer sales in Foschini I came across, Colours, an exclusive Foschini beauty products brand which is available across the country in June and in December only.

I am honestly a sucker for cute packaging on beauty products and as you can see those tubes are so pretty. Who would resist the urge? And anything that comes in a limited edition is worth purchasing … to me because I feel that, a lot of thought, work, precision is put into making sure the brand will still draw clients the next time the products are available.

I picked Mellon Cocktail and Island Retreat simply because I love the smell of Mellon and I have been dreaming of an Island getaway. It tuned out, even though my decision was pretty shallow, they both smell divine!!!

The tubes have quite a bigger than the usual outlet which lets out a generous amount of the product. On application, the lotion is a reasonably thick consistency easy to apply all over the hands.

Even though the scent lingers for long, it does not feel like the lotion maintains moisture.It does, however, leave my hands with a velvety feeling without making them look or feel oily.

Yes these are from Foschini. And yes, they are of a limited edition. But they are not pricey. If you follow my blog religiously, by now you would know that I am very good at shopping sales and good quality or good looking products at very reasonable prices. These were only R20 each and yep, I grabbed two because December is a long way from now.

Back in March, I shared a review on the Ponds Flawless Radiance. After two months of using the products, I swore by them because I saw the marks on my face clearing up.

However, y’all know they say, you can never marry a *hore and expect her to let go of her ways. Well for me I guess at this moment no skin care product had been able to tame me until the Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR® Pink Grapefruit range and I met. With the results, I am witnessing I may actually be tied down for life.

My routine consists of the  VISIBLY CLEAR® Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub with exfoliating beads which help clear clogged pores, VISIBLY CLEAR® Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash for oily skin (my skin is combination so I only use this facial  wash from time to time when I feel like I need to take care of  “excess” oil on my face) and  I moisturize with the VISIBLY CLEAR® Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser which contains MICROCLEAR® technology to help keep skin clearer and smooth.

From the time I started using this range, I can assure you my skin has really changed for the better. The spots on my right cheek have minimized and my skin is radiant – for proof, check out my Instagram, @mis_nessah.

If you have used any of the products above, please share your experience. If you have other products that you swear by, also share in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Love List | 5 Beauty Products You Should Try”

    1. Hi Samantha,
      I haven’t tried the lipsticks yet but I am going for them.
      Dude, R14 that is pretty cheap hey. How are you liking it?

  1. These products seem nice. I like that eyeshadow palette! Cute packaging attracts me all the time. I recently started using handcreams because my hands started getting dry. Neutrogena products know how to pamper black skin(I used to use their soap before I gave dove another chance).

    1. Hi Alexandra,

      Thank you for stopping by.
      Cute packaging always steals my heart and yaaaaaas to Neutrogena – A product that actually works and is packaged quite cute too.

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