Lingerie Etiquette

Some people are born confident, some of us get it from the way we feel in the clothes, makeup  and lingerie we wear. That does not make us whores. It makes us feel good about ourselves which is the most important thing.

I am personally obsessed with sexy, cute lace lingerie. The type that hugs your boobs and your butt just right, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. My obsession with lingerie started when I was about 17 on a high school kid’s budget. My best-friend and I would buy identical bras every Friday of each week. You can imagine how many bras I had by the time I finished high school.

Then, I had no idea what type of bra was most suitable for what type of clothes or occasion but I just loved feeling good and well supported. Now as I have matured, I understand there are staples that every woman should at least own.

My personal staples below will ensure you do not circum people to stare at your wardrobe mishaps.

1. Everyone needs lace.
Despite the shape or cut of the set, lace lingerie will always give you that extra sexiness and a confidence boost.

2. T shirt bra set
This type of set is for the girl who pursues comfort more than glam (yes, glam isn’t always comfortable). A T-shirt bra will mostly come with a panty comfortable enough to wear under jeans or shorts.

3. Push up set
With extra padding and an under wire for support this isn’t the most comfortable but it sure does wonders for the cleavage. These will normally come paired with a thong or g-string for the extra sass.

For help when picking your lingerie for specific outfits, have a look at the previous underwear etiquette post.

Which is your favourite lingerie?

Till next post stay Fab and Flawless.



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