Legit from head to toe + Lovisa Accessories

Those who know me know that I enjoy celebrating my birthday, however, the frugal girl in me will only spend a substantial amount to acknowledge the importance of the day without breaking the bank. This past year I decided to dress in Legit merchandise. I spent a few hours at the mall going from one store to the other but I just couldn’t find anything suitable until I walked into Legit. On a normal day, I don’t spend much time hopping from one store to another because I always have a shopping list ready before I leave the house (organization is key) unless I am strictly shopping sales.

In this case, I could afford to splurge a little bit, however, I was kind of skeptical of splurging on a sequenced dress. Okay, I once had this sequenced top that made me so uncomfortable by my armpits and it felt itchy lol. This was back in high school. As I tried this dress on I expected it to irritate my skin like that top and make my underarms so uncomfortable but what I experienced was the total opposite. And in that moment I realized what had been the issue with the top. Quality.

Instead of an extra layer of fabric inside the garment,  that top did not have any fabric on the inside at all. The sleeves were not sown slightly lower than normal to accommodate the sequence that would then rub against my skin causing inflammation.

The shoes were really a no-brainer. Minimal heels are my thing and the height of the heel is just as comfortable as the dress itself.

Dress (here)

Heels (here)

Earrings (similar)

Bracelets (here)

Stay Fab & Flawless



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