How To: Semi-Dark Lips

Hey darlings!

I hope you are awesome.

I am still warming up to the dark lip trend. A little late. I know.

Every time I have tried to rock it I always end up wiping it off just before I walk out of the house. It makes my face look darker than usual. I usually pride myself in never giving up but this time I almost lost.

My essence eye liner has been doing a good job getting my eyebrows on fleek and in lining my lips for a nude lipstick (which I rock always). I gave it a go once for the semi dark lips and I just fell in love with it. I lined my lips and filled them in with the same liner and applied a gloss over it. It still gives me a dark-ish look but not too dark to make me insecure about my complexion.

I have accepted that not all trends are for everyone. You just have to try and work around it until you find what works for you. Baby step yourself into the real thing. Maybe one day I will be able to wear a dark lip…I highly doubt it, but you never know.

This brown eye liner and my Passion lip gloss are working wonders for me. Give it a try too if you are not comfortablw with the DARK dark lip. Both the liner and gloss were way cheaper than the Mac and Flori Roberts lip sticks I have tried and they do not dry out my lips 🙂

Essence eye liner: R28 Clicks

Passion lip gloss: R25 Dis chem

NB: It’s not heavy on the lips but it does wear off as the day progresses so you will need to reapply as many times as you wish of course.

How do you rock your dark lip? If you do wear the dark lipstick without hesitation please share how we can also overcome the fear of looking goth😊

Till next post, stay fab and Flawless.




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