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Sales are tempting. I know this!

I am not the only one who hides behind, “helping the economy” when it comes to shopping excessively. Well, for me that is in the past now since I decided to switch up my look and style. I am way more conscious of theĀ things I buy and the money I spend. Hoping by the time you are done reading this you will be joining my frugal squad.

Be dubious of that voice that tells you-you’ve got to buy it’s “only” R100 or that if you don’t scoop it up now, you’ll never find it again. I know this is a bit difficult to do when you are a shopaholic. I honestly know how difficult it is. I used to be this person. There are ways you can avoid picking every and anything you find on sale.

Do you need it?

This may be a stupid question because who really is in their right mind when they are shopping sales right? You need to be in your right mind. I am a confirmed shopaholic so trust me I know it is possible to shop sales while in the right mind frame. If you do not need it let it go. walk away. It’s a different issue if you are transitioning from summer to Autumn and you ignore the previous winter’s merchandise on sale

Can you see yourself wearing it with at least 3 other things in your cupboard?

If something will not pair well with any of the other things in your cupboard chances are it’s not even part of your personal style. You really do not want to make a purchase then get home and regret it. Most sale items cannot be returned for a refund. Noone needs that.

Is it half the original price or nah?

This is literally my rule of thumb. If it isn’t half the original price it is not on sale to me lol. I am that cheap and you should be too. There are certain shops like Mr Price or cotton on which you can tolerate a 75% sales but we cannot walk into Louis Vuitton for a 75% sale. If I am not walking into a specific shop on a normalĀ price day why would 75% change my mind? it’s just not good enough because any merchandise in a shop will always go down so be patient.


How do you shop sales? Do you consider any of the above or you just pick everything and anything with a sale tag?

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