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Hi darlings …

Last month I had a shoe giveaway and Shammah won herself a pair of heels. This month I come with another giveaway for those who are thinking of getting married this year.

My Instagram and Blog stats tell me that most of you are at the age of marriage, engagements and the likes. Right? If you are having a wedding this year you are in luck honey!

Mis_nessah in collaboration with Lewa Images are playing Santa 🙂

From my understanding a lot of money goes into a wedding and while you may feel compelled to compromise on some stuff we do not believe your photos should be compromised. And so, we have this Wedding Photography give away for you.



Every bride deserves to have THE wedding of their dreams. Even though I haven’t had my day, I surely felt some type of way when I did this photo shoot. Just having that wedding dress on made me feel like some sort of princess and you all deserve to feel that way.

If you win you will get a pre-wedding photo shoot as well as your wedding day photos for FREE. Yes I said, FREE!!! 

Ts and Cs

  1. Follow @lewaimages and @mis_nessah
  2. You need to have subscribes for blog post updates here on
  3. You need to be in Pretoria or Johannesburg.
  4. Leave a comment below telling us why you think you deserve this.

Share the good news with your sisters, friends and colleagues. The winner will be announced at the end of the month.

Love and Light.



3 thoughts on “Giveaway | Wedding Photo Shoot”

  1. Hi there

    Hope all is well, I recently got lobolad, my partner and have been together almost 7years now and have a beautiful 2 years old daughter together. We are looking at the end of April to celebrate our Umembeso, if I were to win the competition it would really take the stress away of finding a photographer as well as take the stress away financially. We have a lot riding on this ceremony and having you there would be top of the cherry needed there, were a young couple and would love to have the beautiful memories captured by you.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

    P.s. I have switched off my private settings on Instagram so you can view my instagram profile.

    Stay blessed

    1. Heyy girl,

      WOW you guys have been together for 7 years! y’all are relationship goals.It would be amazing for Lewaimages to capture the celebration of
      your Umembeso. I wish you all the best boo (in your marriage and this giveaway).

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