Bodysuit + Floral Flaired Pants

I never realized just how much of a girly girl (womanly)I have grown to be until I saw myself snatching these pants off the rack as though to make sure no one would get to them before I did. Lucky for me they were just the right size. It took me a few weeks to wear them because I didn’t have the perfect top to pair them with. I tried crop tops, tank top even boob tubes but none of them seemed to work the way I wanted until I found this cream bodysuit – a match made in heaven.

Bodysuits have never been my thing but this particular one just did it for me. It’s really holding it down for me right now. It hugs my body just right, it isn’t that much see through despite the color and I picked up a perfect size to guarantee comfort and great fit. The bust area has double the fabric which makes it safe to ditch your bra 🙂

When shopping for bodysuits it’s advisable to try it on before purchasing. You may need to purchase a size smaller for it to be a great fit. Also, take into consideration the fact that this is a one piece so you need to make sure it fits perfectly in all areas.

The pants are high waist, flared and floral, talk about trend overload on one garment. There is no other way I could rock these pants than with a great pair of heels for a little height enhancement. On a lazy day, flats could work but this particular pair is way too long for flats unless you want to end up sweeping the streets with their hem. This has got to be the most feminine pair of pants I own and I am totally in love with them.


Accessories are everything when it comes to putting an outfit together. I carefully chose some gold coated ones. There is something about gold on chocolate skin. #queening

What I am wearing

Bodysuit: Mr Price

Flared Pants: Mr Price

Heels: Legit

Clutch: Some shop in Harare

Jewelry: Lovisa

Hair: My parents’ genes + Olive Oil hair care products. Thick, full and luscious.

Photo Cred: @mcgeezy90

Love & Light.



9 thoughts on “Bodysuit + Floral Flaired Pants”

  1. OK I just can’t get over how you make being fashionable so affordable!

    I’m scared to go out shopping cause I think it will break my bank but guuuurrrl I’m learning from you… I can do it! 🙌😅💃

    And that hair though 😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌

    OK I’m done gushing over how amazing you are now..
    *heads back to study* 😜

    1. lmao, girrrrrrrrrrl you had me laughing.
      A lot of people have that perception. You just have to master the art of picking the “right” pieces of clothing. Fashion should not break the bank.
      Thanks so much for cheating on your studies and showing this lil ol’ blog of mine some love. Good Luck with the studies mcwaaaaaah

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