Flat shoes you should have in your shoe collection

I don’t know if it’s just me or for real we bloggers act as though we live in heels.

There is no way anyone can do that. We have errands, meetings, events and some of us are forever on an Uber or the Gautrain so obviously, there is no way I rush to the train in heels – I always keep a pair of something flat in my handbag (ratchet as that is). A pair of flat sandals in summer and a pair of ballet flats in winter.

As much as I own a few pairs of high heels I have always been a flat shoe kind of girl and here I share some of the staples.


For those days you are feeling lazy and lounging around the house these should be your besties.

Ballet flats better known as pumps lol

Perfect for the corporate chick who isn’t big on heels. (they maintain that professional look especially when they are pointy toed)

Flat sandals

They must either be cute or statement ones.


The best when it comes to putting together an outfit that borderlines comfort and sporty.


Mules can elevate any look to a classy ensemble. The fact that they are a pointy-toed (I have not come across any rounded ones) already does the things and the way they cover just the front part of the foot leaving the back exposed adds a little sexy to it.

Have a look at these…

Let me know which ones you own or wear the most in the comments below.

Stay Fab and Flawless



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