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I am always so inspired by ladies who take a leap of faith and go after their dreams. I am still a 9-5er pushing my blogging dream and I wish one day I will be able to leap and blog full time.

I discovered Miriam’s brand, Liomi on Twitter. Most of you by now know that I love supporting female-owned businesses so obviously, I had to get the low down on this brand. Again, most of you probably know that I love collecting fragrances. I really had to make contact with Miriam – a humble, soft-spoken, passionate young wife and mother with a passion and a dream she decided to go after.

She was nice enough to give me a bottle of one of her sweet but elegant fragrances (not a bribe for this post). The fragrances are oil base which makes them durable. No need to spray a lot because a little does last a long while. I took my fragrance for a test this past weekend when I was meant to attend the launch. It was quite a busy day, I left the house around 10am and I only got back home in the evening but I was still smelling as good and sweet as I did when I walked out. My day involved a lot of walking around the mall and later rushing to the hospital with a friend and rushing home. I was pretty active.

If for a moment you thought she only catered to women I am sorry to disappoint you lol. She also caters to our male counterparts. You can have your man Fruity scented while both sexes can choose from, Fresh/Aquatic, and Oriental scents. Because females are extra, we are spoilt for choice with an addition of Floral and Sweet scents to choose from.

There is a certain element of personalisation that comes with the way she takes time to mix the ingredients of the fragrances to suit her clients’ needs. You can be assured she will give you exactly what you want.



The price??? Check out her website here and see how reasonably priced these fragrances are.

Apart from the fact that this is a female owned business which obviously is one of the reasons I was drawn to it, you will be glad to know that Miriam is also creating an opportunity for others to become business owners by signing up to be distributors of her brand.

If like myself you love collecting gorgeous fragrances or you just love experimenting with different brands, I would suggest that you give these a try. Any questions on the fragrances and the brand feel free to leave your questions in the comments below.

By the way, you can get a DISCOUNT if you purchase a certain number of fragrances. Info on her website, here.


Love & Light



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