Essence, All About Matt Foundation!

I wasn’t sooo exited to try this foundation. Long story short – I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, I liked it.

On a particular day, minding my own business at the mall I found myself in Clicks. I didn’t intend on getting foundation or anything for that matter … but, impulse shopping! I decided to test the theory of cheap product = cheap quality.

I picked up the Essence, All About Matt Foundation. I must say, I was really skeptical about my decision. Breakouts and all. But I went with my gut. Sometimes we have to take risks right? And anyway, I think my blog is worth it!

The first few days I developed a few pimples on my right cheek and my forehead. A part of me wanted to stop right there but this happens almost every time I try a new product. But I wasn’t about to be defeated. And anyway there are a lot more products in the world to deal with blemishes.

After four days of persistence, I guess my skin figured there was no option but to get used to this foundation. By night the pimples disappeared and my love for the Essence All About Matt Foundation surfaced.

Housed in a plastic squeeze tube, this fragrance-free formula has a soft texture that warms upon contact with skin. Deceptively simple in appearance, it excels at providing an immediate matte effect that lasts and helps minimize the appearance of pores.

It does not feel heavy on the skin and hydrates skin very nicely. My skin does not dry out at any time during the day.

As for the coverage, it’s quite good in my opinion. Unlike other matte products this does not dry up quickly, making it difficult to blend and leaving dry patches standing out. It is light weight and hydrates skin very nicely. It has this unique glowing matte effect that leaves my skin happy all day!

As some of you may know, I like to use my fingers to apply foundation because it is the quickest way and gives me control of the amount of product I apply. This has been very difficult. The consistency of this foundation is watery. You definitely require SOME time to sit and apply it otherwise it will run down your face.

It did stay true to its claims and totally mattified my skin, from the moment I applied it.

Unlike other liquid foundations that require frequent powder touch ups, my face looks the same at 17:00 as it does at 08:00 everyday with just one touch up in the middle of the day.

Point proven: not all cheap things are cheap quality.

Why you should try the Essence All About Matt Foundation.

  • Sleek and good looking packaging.
  • Very affordable as compared to other foundations.
  • Very light texture that can be blended easily on the face.
  • Coverage is buildable.
  • Does keep my skin matte for a long time of 3-4 hours; I could not see oil on my face.
  • Has a medium coverage.
  • It keeps my skin hydrated all day long.
  • Does not feel cakey.

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Stay Fab and Flawless.


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