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Hi darlings,

I hope you all started off the week on a super high note. I didn’t, I had lectures all weekend, the Print Life Party I was looking forward to was postponed. The weekend wasn’t that good for me but I am sure the rest of the week has good vibes in store!

Today I have a DIY for the hair.

Since I started wearing weaves I discovered that I like the long curly ones but they tend to be a little bit more expensive so I always get the straight ones and I use bend rollers to curl them. I love my natural hair, which is long BTW, but once in a while I love rocking a weave for that diva feeling (we all have those days).

You know how you always tend to lose your bobby pins??? like where do those little things go though? I always lose my bendy rollers. I have concluded that our maid takes a couple each time she comes to clean lol

Well, anyway recently I discovered an alternative to bendy rollers. Since I had been buying these almost every time I install a weave it was becoming expensive. Yes I know they are like R50 a packet which is not bad but if you have to buy a packet each time you put on a weave hmmmm, it becomes a bit pricey!

What you need

1. An installed straight weave (I used a 16 inch Peruvian).


2. 4 or 5 pairs of socks (depending on how big your head is … laughs).


3. Some water to spray the hair.


4. Hairdryer (If needed).


The Process

If you do not own a couple of pairs of socks, Mr Price or Jet has some really cheap ones. You don’t want to use your beautiful branded socks.

1. Part your hair into small sections one by one.

2. Spray a little bit of water to make it moist.

3. The same way you wrap your hair around bendy rollers, wrap it around the socks and tie the socks once hair is well wrapped around.

picsart_02-06-11-52-47Ideally, you would like to do this at night and sleep with your “rollers” on but you can definitely do it at any time of day as long as you are comfortable. Trust me you will sleep peacefully with the socks on though because they are soft and pretty comfortable.In the morning, you probably should take your bath first before you take them off just to make sure all is on lock when you step out.

If you really want to make sure the curls are really tight you can blow dry the hair a little bit before taking the socks off. Keep your hair dryer a few inches away from your hair and socks to avoid burning the hair and socks – I have burned a few socks before.

And after all is done, Voila!


You are ready to show off your socks curls.


What do you think of this?

Stay Fab and Flawless



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    1. Sha I know life gets hectic at times, I can’t even get through all my blogger friends’ blogs in a week because, work, books, life and blog too smh… don’t be embarrassed at all. Can’t wait to see them curls on you hun.

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