Date Night in a Suit

Hi darlings,

It has been a while since I put up something here. Hope you are all good and had a wonderful easter holiday. I could have used a longer holiday.

The fashion gods tell me that suits are back and the suit in this post is bringing sexy back! I know it’s gotten chilly over the past couple of days but I just had to share this with you guys before the winter gets hectic.

Before I let you testify to this sexy bringing suit it is worthy to note that, today I discovered Queen Vee’s song titled Nobody while minding my own business and it totally inspired this blog post. If you have it try to listen to it while reading this post. If you don’t have it, I hope you have data, you can listen to it on YouTube here.

You can never go wrong with an all black outfit. Whether you are dressing for work, church or a date. It’s a safe color but in this context, it exudes mystery and sexiness. You will thank me someday. #winks

Instead, of keeping all the “fun” for after the date this outfit will build up to that.

The trick to rocking a shorts suits on a date without looking cheap and trashy is to keep it simple. Do not go over the top with the jewelry as you may easily turn into a cheap disco ball. The choker just worked for me because it’s minimal and adds a hint of sexiness to the outfit.

I decided to go with wavy curls however, I feel like this could even work with hair tied back and edged well laid.

I kept my makeup light with a little pop of color on the lips. A burgundy matte lipstick by Wet ‘n Wild. A perfect color for this outfit. Red could have easily made the whole look ratchet while a nude lip would have been a bit too subtle.

A gladiator heel sealed the whole look for me. A pointy toe court shoe would have made the look a bit formal.

Let me know if this is something you would wear. If not, why?

What I am wearing

Blazer: Thrifted

Brallet: Mr Price

Choker: Lovisa

Shorts: Mr price

Purse: Legit

Heels: Shoe Shop (Harare)

Shades: Mr Price

Photo Cred: @mgeezy90

Love & Light



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    1. Thanks girl … but I would have to leave the house in something totally different otherwise my father would go cray ha ha

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