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While I have contemplated on incorporating men’s fashion on this blog for the longest time ever, it was really a no brainer who would be the first man to feature on the inaugural post.

Style Icon, personal stylist, and luxury event designer are just some of his titles. I know, a man of many traits and talents is someone everyone wants to be associated with. So, I took matters into my own hands, and in this post, he lets us into his life.

Here is my inaugural Men’s Fashion post interview with Craig Zoowie. Get yourself a glass of champagne honey, get comfortable and indulge.

1. Who is Craig Zoowie?

A Modern Man at his best, I wear many hats, in every sense. My daily role is as a Luxury Event Designer, Stylist & Grooming Consultant with VIP Hosting. I’m a hard-working man with a crazy vision and huge goals. In essence, that’s who I am.

2. We have grown to know you as a fashion mogul, how did you get into fashion?

I have always had a keen appreciation for good style from early childhood, largely inspired by the need to always look very presentable from kindergarten right through High School and later actually studying Styling as a course, subsequently turning that passion into a business.

3. The Craig Zoowie Collection by TMZ Fashion House is one of your greatest achievements. How was the journey of bringing it to life and how involved were you?

Started as a joke actually, as I was admiring Thembani’s creations and he suggested making some pieces for me. The minute I had that first fitting Thembani pushed the idea of producing a line for the modern young executive/creative like myself and actually give people what Craig Zoowie wears and The Craig Zoowie Collection by T.Z.M Fashion House was birthed   We then sat down and Thembani brought out sketches with fabric swatches. I consulted mostly on the style and fitting of each look and we produced a collection which we later showcased at the inaugural Windhoek Fashion Week 2016 alongside David Tlale.

4. How do you balance growing a brand and being a Luxury Event Designer at VIP Hosting?

It’s all my lifestyle really so it all gels together very well where I can focus on events and later style the clients for their actual weddings or soirées. The balance is amazing and because I absolutely love waking up to do what I do daily it’s led to the best times of my life.

5. You have amassed quite a following on social media. How did you manage to do this?

I have simply lived my life the best way I can and have always been able to balance what goes on social media and what I keep private. What I show has apparently gained me an amazing social media family, but it’s all just being authentic.

6. Who do you consider as the most influential person in your life?

My mum. She has taught me patience. That if something is meant to happen it WILL happen on its own good time and it will be well worth the wait.

7. Who is on your guest list for your ideal dinner for 10?

– My best bud Dan

– Olivier Rousteing

– Bonang Matheba

– Ozwald Boateng

– Kevin The Wedding Planner

– Lungie The Florist King

– Chris Nqoe, My Strategist/Publicist

– Banele Christopher

– Sylvester Chauke

– Tom Ford – Maps Maponyane

8. On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear or champagne?

I spend the most on literature and my studies thereafter its champagne darling, lots and lots of champagne lol, great underwear, coffee, great food and the rest…

9. What is the one thing that is a wardrobe must for guys?

– Great underwear

– Dark suit

– Crisp white shirts

– Dress shoes

– A number of timepieces

– Aviator sunnies

– A couple of hats

Oops, you asked for one but hey! It can’t be one with me, can it?

10. Your top 5 fashion personalities.

– Bonang Matheba

– Tom Ford

– Mai Atafo

– Olivier Rousteing

– Anna Wintour

Feel free to share any words you would like the readers to remember you by.

You matter darling, don’t be mediocre. Make sure the world knows this!!


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