3 ways to style a Waterfall Coat

As a young millennial being frugal yet staying on top of the style game is a challenge but a must. In a world where we have become more materialistic and more concerned of our looks, it is of importance that we try to maintain who we really are without giving into societal unattainable expectations, thus staying true to one’s self and financial standing.

I have put together three outfits of the same waterfall coat to help you utilise what you already have to the fullest. If you do not own one you can certainly get an inexpensive one from shops like Mr Prce, Legit and on a good day H & M. The trick to staying stylish while not spending a lot is finding a way to wear your clothes many different ways which allow your creativity to shine through.

Waterfall Coat

They did make it as a coat after all so it would only be right to wear it like that. You can wear this over a dress, a two-piece set (skirt, shorts, leggings or jeans) it is up to you. Be creative and wear it with whatever you feel comfortable in.


Long Shirt

This is a look that would work for most creatives in an office that is not strictly formal.


Sexy Dress

Okay so, that slit is obviously inappropriate for the workplace but quite appropriate for a night out painting the city red in red bottoms and letting your hair down, downing cosmos without giving a care in the world because life is meant to be experienced.


Now that you know how to make the most of your wardrobe staples, would you rock any of these looks? If not, why not?


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  1. Love this! It reminds me of the skip challenge to wear an item more than once and switch it up. You should tag them 😉

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