I would apologize for not posting anything for the past three months but I’m sure you are getting tired of my apologies … But I’m still sorry, I really don’t mean to neglect you. Life just keeps happening and at times it gets so tough to a point I can’t juggle my many hats as a girlfriend, blogger, daughter, sister, aunt and working young lady. Btw, I just started a new job #grins I’m sure someday I will tell you all about it. For now all you need to know is I am loving the new challenge and I appreciate that you guys have been re-reading, sharing and inviting friends to follow my blog.

Ya’ll are the real #MVPs…#kisses.

Sooooooo, I come back with changes and new ideas I hope you will not be disappointed (fingers crossed). There is just a lot of things I come across that I think are worth sharing and I want to go for it.

Besides fashion and makeup there are many other things that I care about, things I have been through, things I come across daily that I wish to share with you guys but I have never had the opportunity. I am hoping that changing my blog into a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog will afford me the opportunity to share my experiences and all the things I care about.

I really hope you will all like it. Your inputs and feedback will be greatly appreciated as always.

I’ve got to go now but, I am super excited. Ya’ll be fab and flawless!

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