Catch Up, Recap: March


Okay, so my energy levels have been super high! I am coping with work and I am done with assignments … FINALLY! Yippy!!! I will be blogging normally now. New posts up on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday as usual with a few randoms here and there.

OMG, It feels like I was busy with those books for ages. Feels pretty awesome to be a free woman for a few weeks. And I have lined up quite a number of fun stuff to do alone during this free time because I deserve to enjoy life a little…boys and books are non-existent to me right now.

Let me get on with our Catch Up, Recap post before I start going on and on about nothing really.. This being the third one, I think these are my fave posts because they give me perspective on where I am in life (with this blog) and where we are going. The future is bright y’all. Ray bans for everybody…ha ha ha, *I totally just had a moment there.

I am happy about:

The growth of my blog and myself. I am excelling at work, in my life, this blog is starting to take shape. Things could definitely be better but how they are right now, it’s perfect and I am grateful.

Inspired by:

Advocate, author and motivational speaker, Mary Bosui. I met her at a business seminar two years ago and since then she has been a huge inspiration and mentor.


I am loving my new bag which was gifted to me by the Spree team. ***Thank you guys*** The bag is part of the Call it Spring brand that they launched on on the 31st of March. You should check them out y’all. They have some really gorgeous bags, shoes, purses for everyone. And, if you subscribe for the latest fashion news you get R100 off your purchase.


I have just started on Advocate Mary’s second book titled, Success Fundamentals 2. I have been saving it for a time I can dedicate my all to it and finally, the time is here 🙂 I will definitely be reviewing it, which reminds me, I am yet to do a review on The Thirtieth candle…That book was AMAZING. I literally could not put it down.

Listening to:

I am definitely in love with music all over again and unfortunately this time I cannot pick just one song. I am still madly in love with my West African brothers though. I will forever be in love with their music, no question about that. I have noticed that over the last few months I am listening to a whole lot more African music, the likes of AKA, Jah Prayzah, Mr Eazi and a whole lot more. Feel free to push some African music my way.

Fashion and Beauty Faves:


I am going crazy over flared pants. In my previous post I had the floral ones on and this past week I can across a pair of black ones at H&M. I could have walked away but they were on sale! You would have bought them too. Flared pants are the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever worn and I wonder if I will ever find something else better to replace them.

Beauty-wise, I am totes still in love with my Ponds Flawless Radiance regime but I recently got Neutrogena and I will be trying it out soon. I also got some L’oreal face masks. Got 3 for the price of 2 at Clicks – I saved some money y’all.


Now that we have just stepped out of the first quarter of the year, I think April is going to be more of a reflecting month for me. I need to take stock of my achievements, disappointments and draw up a plan on how to work toward achieving the goals I have set for the coming months.

I’m sure you have figured out that I do not have much of a plan for April lol. We are just going to wing it!

Wishing you all a great month. xox

Love & Light



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