Catch up, Recap… January

Hi darlings,

Welcome to February!

Despite January being a “difficult” month I did manage to have good times though and I am so stocked about Feb. Let me just say, since I started dating this is the first time I am single in this month of love lol … I don’t know what to do with myself. What do single people do on Valentine’s day?

Today’s post is an introduction of a post I will be doing monthly for as long as my blog lives (my blog will live forever). It was purely inspired by a fellow Fashion Blogger, Ifeyoma of Whowhatfab.

I have been mentally planning a trip to Kenya and Nigeria. So, instead of just visiting I decided I might as well meet up with some bloggers when I visit. Since everything is on Instagram now, I searched for Nigerian and Kenyan fashion bloggers and I came across a few, visited their sites and hers caught my eye. We use the same theme for our blogs by the way. That’s one of the things that drew me to her posts, then I loved how she engages with her readers and then her “Currently I am…” posts were a light bulb moment for me.

I have been blogging for a year and a month now and I thought these monthly posts would be great just to recap and keep y’all up to date with what the month held and what to expect in the following month, so here it goes … my first Monthly catch up, recap post.

I discovered…


On a visit to East Rand Mall with a friend of mine, I discovered a shop called The FIX. It’s part of the Foschini group but it caters more to the young lady on a budget but still wants to look effortlessly cool and stylish. It’s like MrPrice if you ask me but a bit better in terms of the stores’ layout. The clothes are bang on trend, fast, accessible fashion at an affordable price just like Mr Price but hey, I still have mad love for Mr Price -that’s where I discovered my love for fashion, read this post.

New experience …


I went thrift shopping for the first time in Johannesburg CBD. Joburg CBD is scary y’all  but if you want value for your money those few minutes of horror are worth it. I got myself a couple of dresses which you will be seeing in my coming blog posts but this stripped blue and white one is my ultimate favourite. It makes me feel like such a girl. And the zip detail on the back is to die for. I literally cannot wait to do a post on it.

Listening to …

I might have an obsession with Nigeria hey. I have always listened to and loved Naija beats but of late my obsession  seems to have heightened. Tekno’s song titled Pana is number one on my play list right now. I accidentally bumped into the song on YouTube and I just fell in love.  Whether I am in the gym, cleaning my room or on Instagram story that song is a part of my life right now. You should listen to it and share your thoughts.

I read …


A colleague of mine could not stop talking about a book she was reading. Every Friday after work we have an open bar for those who drink (the perks of working in a high tech environment). We all kind of round up and end up in little groups. Even though I do not drink you will find me hanging with the girls and we are always talking about guys lmao. This one girl for like three weeks she would always talk about how she was reading this interesting book and the worst kind of #FOMO caught up with me. I decided to ask her for the book when she was done. Whoooooooo, I was never ready. This book will have you reading all day, everyday. I would read it on my way to the bathroom, in the bathroom, while cooking, while trying to study and I might have read it while working a few times too (I hope none of my bosses know about my blog). I would go to bed LATE because I just couldn’t put it down. I was done with it within a week. I would tell you what it it about but I have a blog post coming with that 🙂

This coming month…

This February it seems my plate is overflowing.

2nd of Feb

It’s my friend Faith’s birthday. In case you have forgotten her, she is the cool friend who made my birthday this past December the best day of my life.It is now my turn to be a super friend that you all wish you had. LMAO

4th and 5th Of Feb

I have weekend lectures from 8am to 5pm. No fun for me!

4th of Feb

PRINT LIFE party hosted by Ngugi. I am going to miss the afternoon pool vibes because of lectures but I will be there for the evening ball and you will read all about the event some time next week

15th and 16th Of Feb

I am a delegate at the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) Summit. It’s going to be an amazing 2 days for me. Fashion is my first love but business if my main language.

25th of Feb

IAmModel Consultant Agency launch in Pretoria. I have an AMAZING dress for this event. I cannot wait to get into it.

In between all these events I have work and my personal life to deal with. #SIGH Someone wish me luck please. I am going to need superwoman’s cape to conquer.

Remember I have that shoe series giveaway don’t forget to share with friends and family. Also share what you have lined up for the month. It would be nice to know I am not the only one with so much to do 🙂

Stay Fab and Flawless.



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