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Hi darlings,

Look at me posting this Catch up…Recap post a week into the new month. Consistency is proving to be difficult but I am consistent in trying and I am sure that counts for something, right? One day I will manage.

I hope you are all keeping warm this winter and holding a cup of coffee or tea while reading this post:) The weather here in Joburg is just as inconsistent as I have been which is so frustrating. It can switch up on you a couple of times in a day. How do you even plan your outfits?

The weather here in Joburg is just as inconsistent as I have been which is so frustrating – I know how you feel. It can switch up on you a couple of times in a day. How do you even plan your outfits? rolls eyes. As much as I complain, I have learned to deal with it though- I layer up and I have invested in a handbag that is big enough to accommodate the excess clothes when it gets a little warm.

In my previous Catch Up…Recap post, I told you I had a feeling that May was going to be an awesome month despite the cold and the exams which I am finally done with, Yipee. It sure has been a great, eye-opening month and I am here to share all about it with you.

Happy About:

Hanging out with my friends more! Spending time with friends and family is quite enriching. I wonder why I have been depriving myself of such wonderful moments.

Being an introvert, my best friend seems to be the same and we rarely go out or do anything at all.


This past month I decided to break out of my introvert-ness and live life a little. With precaution obviously! We (my bestfriend and I) attended the Print Life Party + PadGirls Campaign which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment but I will not go into it because it deserves a blog post of its own. You may remember my best friend, Rufaro from this post. She is a gem!

Inspired by:


“Cliché!” you might say.

Well, she holds 16 Grammys and did you know she has once recorded 72 songs in a year? I bet you didn’t. Her work ethic is something that moves me. The passion and love she has for what she does is admirable. There is just no way I can’t be inspired, being a big dreamer myself.

If you are feeling like getting inspired, click here. Enjoy!



The growth of friendships.

Progress and growth within my circle of friends. It’s awesome!


The Laptop Millionaire.

I have just started the book so I can’t share much about it but it’s really a step towards growing this blog. If you can get your hands on one please, do so. It’s always awesome to discuss a book with other people. Maybe I need to join a book club hey.

Listening to:

Most of us have grown to love West African music over the years. Nigerian music to be exact. Well, recently someone introduced me to this Cameroonian song which I fell in love with instantly. It’s titled, Coller La Petite and it’s a party song which was supposedly banned by the Cameroonian Government after it had already made waves around the world. It is instrumentally rich but said to be lyrically un-aesthetic to the norms of African. I say, listen to it and judge for yourself. I totally love it.

Fashion and beauty faves:

My L’oreal masks are still my number one beauty products and when it comes to fashion, black is dominating my wardrobe. Sweat pants have found their way back into my wardrobe as well. Oh, I am in love!Sweatpants must be the most comfortable pieces of clothes this world has to offer


Nothing much planned for June but it has started off well. Instead of my monthly loner breakfasts, I had breakfast and hung out with my fellow blogger and friend, Faith.

Just going to wing it for the rest of the month. We shall see what comes up and you will get to read about it in next month’s  catch up…recap post.

What are you getting up to this month?

Take care of yourselves and let’s stay connected on social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest: @misnessah

Love and Light.



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