Catch Up … Recap | April

Hi Darlings,

Recovering from the long weekend? I really have nothing to recover from but I must say, the long weekend was needed and I got quite a lot of rest. Yesterday my Instagram stories decided to hate on me and would not post my skincare routine series that I do every Sunday. Yes, yesterday was a Monday, I know. I was just too lazy on Sunday so I decided to do it yesterday and the Devil messed with my greatness! But anyway, it wasn’t a train smash I managed to show off my glowing face in pictures. You can check out my Insta stories before they disappear this evening: @mis_nessah.

For this monthly post, I do not have much to share because my life has just been boring. I’m either doing the books or at work. No time for fun 🙁 I do hope you are leading better lives out there and please do share with me what you are getting up to. I would love to know, maybe you can inspire my life.

Happy About:


Without sounding too inspirational, I am so happy about my personal growth. Where I am emotionally, spiritually and mentally makes me so happy beyond words. Guys, I literally have this glow from within. Nothing major is happening in my life but I guess God is at work and I have reflected it as happiness.

Inspired by: 


She has been my life long inspiration. Y’all know that I started #IKMW (I know My Worth) with the girl teenager, the oppressed woman, the ambitious woman, the hard working CEO or that young woman in the ghetto with no hope for the future in mind.Looking at Oprah’s school in South Africa (The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls) I am inspired daily by the young ladies that come out of it. I am motivated to revive and push #IKMW.



It’s funny how I kinda like the cold weather.



I am not done with Mary Bosiu’s 2nd book but I m really into this month’s Glamour. I think because I got it during the long weekend and had lots of time to go through it, unlike all the others that I get every month.

Listening to:

I am still hooked on Leg Over by Mr Eazi. I wonder when I will get over it. West African Musicians rule y’all!

Fashion and beauty faves:

I recently got the NYX nude lippies and gosh, I am in love or am I in love?! Honestly, Beauty Mark from their Lingerie Collection is the perfect nude lippie for black girls. I could totally be their ambassador right now coz I am impressed with the Lingerie Collection as well as their Soft Matte Lip Creams which are named after cities around the world.

I am in loving my knee high boots which will be keeping me warm all throughout the winter season we have just entered. They are not new but they are the best when it comes to combating the cold.


May has started off well … I think!It’s just the second day of the month but I have good vibes about the month already. I don’t have much lined up except for some photo shoots and a friend’s sister’s birthday lunch which I cannot wait to dress up for.

The PrintLife Party that I missed last time is back! That is all from me.

This time I will be able to attend and you will get to hear all about it here because I plan to write a whole post about it since it’s an event that incorporates two of the things that I love – fashion and charity 🙂





On the 27th I will be at the Preloved Closet Exchange This is an event for fashion bloggers to attend because the struggle of constantly buying new clothes. If anyone will be there please holla at a girl and we can take some selfies for the gram 🙂




That is all from me.

Happy May to everybody! For some reason, I have a feeling this is going to be a good month despite the upcoming exams.

Love & Light



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