Ballet flats for the Corporate Chick

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I have decided to start this series on certain types of shoes to help each and everyone of you  find your personal shoe style so in the next couple of posts we will be talking shoes.

This is more of a #tbt post for me because once upon a time, I used to live in ballets flats before I knew how sexy anyone’s posture is in a pair of heels.

For a lady in the corporate world who cannot or chooses not to wear heels all day long, a pointed toe ballet flat is a perfect substitute. It does takes away the height and appealing posture but it sure will give you some confidence because they are super comfortable.


For a great look, wear skirts or dresses that sit just by the knees. Exposing the knees creates an illusion of long legs. Make sure your dress or skirt is tight fitting (office appropriate). Anything flared may look shabby if coupled with flat shoes.

Do not wear a skirt or dress that goes lower than your knees and pair it with flat shoes. Never do this! It will do nothing for your posture, outfit and legs. The moment you wear anything dangling below the knees, your legs look shorter so wearing flats will just make things worse for you by drawing attention to your “short” legs. lol

If you opt for pants, PLEASE make sure your hem line is sitting right by the ankles, exposing the flat shoe and not sweeping the floor.

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Remember, comfort is key. Okay, maybe not always but it should be. When shopping for these babies, make sure you pick a size the same as your heels’ size not slops. The reason behind this is that, heels are meant to hold tight to your feet and not slip out as you walk whereas slops are meant to keep your feet free and relaxed. Same as ballet flats, you don’t want to walk around in a pair of slops slipping off your feet, drawing unnecessary attention.


Since you are a corporate woman, your outfit is already a little restricted when it comes to creativity but you can definitely play a little bit with the flats.

Here are some of my personal favorites:




I hope you will find this series helpful.

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