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About two weeks ago I attended a baby shower for the first time, I rocked my first ever all-white  outfit and it wasn’t my first time MC-ing an event but it was my first time in Johannesburg and I looooooved it.

I was pretty nervous about being an MC but it went pretty well if I may say so myself. More than that I had been looking forward to putting together an all white outfit for this event since I had never really done this for an event before. Being the eager beaver I am, y’all know I had to go shopping for a full white outfit. Lucky enough I already had some white Louboutins.

From the day I got my invite I knew I wanted my outfit like any other to reflect my personal style which incorporates subtle glam with a hint of elegance and a lot of comfort.


What I learned about wearing all white

Shades of white

If you are wearing a two piece set, make sure the garments are the exact same shade of white. Especially if you purchase the two on different days or different stores. There is nothing like wearing an off-white top with a white bottom. Yuck! In my case, I wanted to create an illusion of a dress so it was definitely imperative that I wore the right and same shade of white.


To add dimension and fun, experimenting with different textures is a great idea. For this particular look, I had on a cotton body suit with a mesh fabric just below the neckline and a chiffon tutu skirt. To bring the whole outfit together I had on a silver belt which added some depth and it definitely cinched that waist!

Keep it Clean

In a case where you want a full monochromatic look but you do not have all white clothes and accessories, pairing your whites with neutral colors is a good idea to keep the look clean while maintaining the monochromatic look.

Here is how I looked

Beautiful sisters of the mom to be. The two ladies responsible for planning the whole event. You should definitely contact them for all your event planning needs.
The mom to be 🙂
Resident MC

My Call-It-Spring bag from Spree is featuring everywhere these days.


All white a yay or nay for you? Please share your thought in the comments below.

What I am wearing

Bodysuit: Legit

Belt: Nigerian Shop

Tutu Skirt: Mr Price

Heels(Louboutins):  Gifted

Jewelry: Accessorize (the bracelet is actually a choker)


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