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Welcome to Mis_Nessah the Blog by Vanessa Chilimanzi.

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I’m Vanessa – the shy introvert however in my Mis_Nessah element I am vibrant, stylish and fashionable. I am a personal stylist, writer, and editor of www.misnessah.com. I am currently pursuing a Degree in Business Administration and using the city of Johannesburg as my fashion backdrop.

This site is a content hub full of personal style, an inspiration for all readers to make the most of their closets as well as beauty tips.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you stick around!


Vanessa C (Mis_Nessah)


For collaborations, reviews and personal styling services feel free to email me: vanessac@misnessah.com


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    1. Heyy…I have a niece around that age as well and she also loves makeup:) I recommend lip gloss and maybe some mascara, and maybe a translucent powder. You wouldn’t want her to start having facial skin problems at her age. She has to grow up to a certain age. When she is mature enough to make the decision to start wearing full on makeup, then she can try foundations and all other pigmented products.

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