A table for three…You, me and my bag

One of my favorite aspects about bags is how they can be used as outfit attention-grabbers, and this Michael Kors handbag (satchel) in mint green is the ultimate conversation starter. I have loved this handbag (satchel) for almost two years now. Despite the fact that the handles are now detaching and the zipper is becoming lose our relationship is still going strong.

It being a product of Michael Kors eliminated all hesitation when I purchased it. It’s design, size, simplicity and versatility is what has made it my most loved and valued handbag.

  • It works for a light traveler like myself. Many times we have crossed the border from Zim to SA together visiting family for a weekend.
  • It’s perfect for shopping day. It’s easy to carry, I just throw it over my shoulder and it won’t take up space in my hands.
  • We’ve been on dates together, it definitely shows off my style and appreciation of fashion.
  • For a girl’s day out, it’s a great attention grabber and conversation starter.
  • It’s the best size handbag for work: I’ve never managed to apply my makeup before getting out of the house so it has always accommodated my makeup bag, an extra pair of shoes(heels or pumps), an extra perfume, a packet of tissue, my wallet, tablet, phone and a whole lot of extras. I basically live out of my handbag. 


    I am a fan of MK
    20151217_114210 (2)
    Every woman needs a tote.
    For those evening events this is my go to clutch.

    Share with me your favorite bags.

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2 thoughts on “A table for three…You, me and my bag”

    1. Hey hun ..I am going to send you the number of the lady who brings these bags for me. That Michael Kors tote is a must for every woman..it’s big enough to carry your whole life with you lol

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