3 Ways To Style Black Flared Pants

Since the beginning of last year, I fell in love when I caught a glance of the floral flared pants in Mr Price. After purchasing that pair I realized that I needed a neutral colored pair that I could take from the office to my weekend so I went to H&M and picked up a pair of black ones on special for only R150. Yep, they were that cheap but of great quality.

Styling a bold colored garment is one of the easiest things you will ever do. I have been enjoying styling these pants.

You can easily take them from the office to a night out or a weekend chill with your girls.


For the Office

Keep everything bold and neutral. You want to look professional and so the way to achieve that is by making sure you stay true to neutral colors and keeping everything subtle. Since everything is neutral, to ensure the whole ensemble does not adopt a boring label add some texture or color with your accessories. Without going overboard, a pair of nice dangling earrings, a statement handbag, and a two-toned court shoe will bring your look together.


Night Out

For a night out, you can pair these with any top that is less formal. Leave the shoulders out, make the top a crop top so that you leave a little skin out and make it a bit sexy. For my look, I paired a shimmery camisole crop top which exudes sexiness but classy. The last thing you want is to look trashy so make sure your crop top is not as cropped as the ones you wore in university as that will make you look (for lack of a better word) cheap.

Saturday Chill

Comfortable and effortless glam should be your Saturday mood. Noone wants to put as much effort as we do during the week. A floral print, loose fitting top will add balance and a bearing of the shoulders will add a little play and flirt to the whole look. Be sure to wear a strapless bra when you wear off the shoulder tops. There is nothing more distracting and nasty looking than bra straps on an off the shoulder top especially if they are not the same color.



How you wear these is totally up to you but like I always say it is always a good idea to purchase versatile pieces of clothing so that you have options.

Would you wear these any other way besides these three options or would you rock any of these ensembles?

For more on how to rock flared pants have a look here.

Stay Fab and Flawless






2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Style Black Flared Pants”

  1. Well, this is actually a great post. I say this because I am one of those people who believe in wearing you wardrobe items to the fullest. Love this

    1. Hahaha Elsie,

      It’s actually weird how most people will only wear their clothes paired with the only item they bought it with. I am also for getting the most out of all of my clothes hence the new take on the blog. Glad you like it.

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